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TKDKidd 03-20-2014 02:11 PM

Attack Banana/Skate Banana/Banana Magic
Hey there I am currently interested in looking picking up a new deck for next season and am interested in these three different decks for some park fun. Though if you do a Google search you get all sorts of bullshit answers and am looking for responses from people who actually ride the boards. I know I sound picky but I don't get days off to demo stuff during winter season and sales people are going sales people.

In terms of riding, I can comfortably carve on East Coast hardpack Blues and Blacks, ride switch on black and intro double blacks and perform short radius sliding turns on double-black terrain and can handle bumps with relative ease, though with narrow troughs I sometimes become unstacked and will get thrown off coming across the traverse if I don't find a flat line.

In terms of park, I am a total beginner in comparison to my free riding abilities, and can only hit Front and Back 180's and Boardslide flat boxes and 50-50 the rest and really want to get better at my park riding and wanted something tuned a bit better for days in the park.

Currently I am riding a 165 W Skunk Ape with size 13 Burton Ions and the Holden/Union Collabs so a pretty heavy deck, though I do not often feel it at 230-240 lbs and 6'0". I usually get around 100+ days on snow.

I would be looking at throwing on a pair of Union Contacts on these as my Holdens are done and use the Ions for the park as I am looking at moving up to a Driver next year as I have already loosened up the Ions with all the riding I got in this season.

Elit3PwnZ0r 03-20-2014 02:40 PM

While I am not near your size (5'4, 150) I have a Skate Banana and absolutely love it. It flexes much easier than the Burton Easy Livin that I had before. I live on the east coast too and don't find any issues with holding a carve line on the skate banana. (I actually think I got better when I got this board). I'm guessing I have magnatraction to thank for that. My skill level will give out on a carve before any technical limitation on the board will. FWIW I am riding the 149 model which fits me great for a park board. Rails and boxes are not an issue for the board, but if you're aggressive and go after larger jumps than you may find the skate banana (and any rocker-dominant board really) a little squeamish at higher speeds or on harder landings.

seriouscat 03-20-2014 05:53 PM

Not the magic. It's too stiff for boxes and rails

destroy 03-20-2014 08:50 PM

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Little bit lighter than you but a similar size...

The Ape will be your rad all 'round board that will be good for freestyle and freeriding, a good mix of both... but if you want a real specific park board you're gonna want something shorter and softer.

The Magic is a really unique board... I wouldn't reccomend it to anyone as a park board, especially since it's so expensive and you're gonna trash it on park features. Most boards made for us big dudes are gonna be stiff by the time they get to the longer sizes, but the Magic is stiff in all its sizes, so it won't do too
great for any jibbing.

The Attack Banana has a nicer profile for freestyle (ie: the EC2 will have a little more pop and stability) but even at that it might be a little stiff even in 159W (the shortest wide they make)... so I would go with the Skate Banana. I would pick something down in the 150's. Up to you how small you want to go and how much flex you want. A little length isn't a bad idea though - helps you stick those landings, for me personally anyway.

TKDKidd 03-20-2014 10:05 PM

I will always ride the Ape, it is the only board I have ever felt seriously stacked on and that it supported my size well and knew that Lib was starting to introduce more Wides as a result, which is why I am looking to their park boards now as opposed to a few seasons ago where there was not the same sizes available.

I figured the Magic would be too stiff of a board but people always seem to recommend it and was the only board that had my waist size last time I checked, which is why I included it. If I was four inches shorter and sixty pounds lighter this would be a no brainer but for an active Ape like me with flippers for feet it becomes difficult to get gear and often times find I am settling and why I included the Magic.

destroy 03-20-2014 10:16 PM

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Hey, no worries. I hear ya brother.

I'm 6'3" so I'm a 'lil taller, but even at that I don't ride full on the outer inserts on any of my decks. I'm usually in one or two. That's my personal preference though, tbh. I feel more nimble turning the board from closer to the centre and like the way my legs feel.

Even the Lib rep running the demos at the Mt Baker Legendary Banked Slalom told me my feet were "too big" (at sz 13) :laugh: with a little sarcasm.

I think you'll find a wide Skate Banana in a 150-somethin' range like I said is the ticket for you though man. You can set it up to 25" wide stance which is about the same as one or two inserts in on a Skunk Ape, I believe. If I ever get more serious about park riding I'm planning on picking up one. My Carbon Credit is just barely softer than any of my other boards at 162W otherwise it'd be a great park board.

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