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CocoHot 03-25-2014 03:33 AM

K2 Raygun vs Ride Machete
Hi everyone, I know this might be annoying that people keep asking for opinion but I really need some advice right now...

I'm 5"6 and weight 145. I start riding around 3 years and starting doing some blacks and was looking for a board that can stay with me for the next two years. I mainly do groom runs.
Right now I got two really sweet deals: a 156&153 2013 Raygun for $215 and a 152 2014 Machete for $278.

I had done tons of research and heard a lot of great stuff about these two boards and both deals are great. I am kind of worried that 156 will be too long for me...

Please let me know what you guys think!! Rayrun? or Machete?

ItchEtrigR 03-25-2014 06:46 AM

Raygun is that one board that is often recommended by BA & Nivek, that says a lot from two guys who's practically job it is to tests boards.

redlude97 03-25-2014 10:27 AM

Both are good choices depending on your riding style. The raygun is more allmountain/freeride while the machete is more all mountain/freestyle oriented. I have a machete and love it with the poprods it boosts like no other but if you aren't into jumps etc the raygun may be a better choice. The machete also has a sintered base while the raygun is extruded.

CocoHot 03-25-2014 08:13 PM

Thanks guys for all the reply. I think I will go with the Raygun. :)

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