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Chapaloo 03-29-2014 09:32 PM

Rossignol One Magtek vs. Lib Tech TRS
Hey everyone,

I've been out about 15 times and ride as much as I can. I'm looking to purchase my new board. I rode the Rossignol Templar Magtek and loved it, just looking for something with Magnatraction that's a bit more advanced so I can handle the east coast snow that doesn't catch on the tips too easily.

It's down to two The Rossignol One Magtek and The Lib Tech TRS.

Here are some links, comparing the two.

Rossignol One Magtek
Rossignol One Magtek Snowboard 2014 | evo

Rossignol One Magtek 2014-2010 Review & Buyers Guide

Lib Tech TRS
Lib Tech TRS XC2BTX Snowboard - Blem 2014 | evo

Lib Tech TRS 2014-2010 Review, Price Comparison & Buyers Guide

Can any experts out there, recommend, based on the knowledge provided, which is the better board ??
Other than the fact that the One mag is more of a solid carving all mountain board that can be set back when it snows hard, where the TRS is more of an all mountain freestyle board that you keep the stance centered

16gkid 03-30-2014 08:07 AM

Have you ridden a camber/rocker/camber board like the libtech? Quite a bit different than Rossignols R/C/R profile, it will come down to which camber profile you like riding better. For me Rossignols profile was a better ride, did not like the center rocker.

Oldman 03-30-2014 09:42 AM

^ +1

You are trying to compare two very different profiles. As suggested do NOT make your decision base solely on "reviews". When considering boards that are pretty much polar opposites, ( camber hybrid vs. rocker hybrid ) you really need to demo them and see which is more to your liking.

I will say that if you have been happy with your Templar, you will be just as happy on a OneMag. I have been on one for 3 seasons now and I find it to be one of the most well rounded boards out there.

Wafflesx 03-30-2014 10:38 AM

I will try and give you the best advice I can. Like everyone else has started you really should try these two different profiles out.

That being said I rode a GNU billy goat c2btx for a season and I currently ride a Rossignol Templar

Neither one of these boards is exactly the ones you are talking about but they both are extremely close. I live on the east coast as well and the full magnetraction on the Billy goat was absolutely perfect. I had no problems with really icy days will my friends without any edge tech or de-tuned edges struggled. Currently I have the .5 with the templar and I notice a difference from the full but its good enough that I don't mind on icy days.

Libtech/GNU boards too me seem really heavy. I weighed my billy goat at around 7.4 lbs while my Rossignol is at 5lbs 6oz. Yes the billy goat was a 162 and the rossignol is a 158 but that still is a big weight difference. The billy goat which seems almost identical to the TRS except being C2 rather than xc2 was surprisingly playful but super stable and damp at high speed. It really was a great all mountain board. But I really am comparing a more freeride (billygoat) oriented board to an all mountain (templar) I don't have any real information about the One other than its suppose to be a stiffer more aggressive version of the templar.

Personally I would go with the TRS the templar. The base on the templar is not overly fast. It doesn't hold wax well. The edges are super flimsy and the overall build quality is sub par to that of the TRS. After riding the Templar in the 2 big powder days we had up here the R/C/R profile is pretty good in powder but the C2 was much better. Hopefully that transfers over to the XC2 as well.

For me the Templar was much more rounded and I could take it over the whole mountain. The Billygoat was really for someone that just liked bombing groomers and any backcountry you can find. If you like the venture in the park or slow down and play around on the mountain then I would stay away from the XC2 as It will be a little more catchy than the R/C/R

jtg 03-30-2014 12:53 PM


Originally Posted by Wafflesx (Post 1651433)
The base on the templar is not overly fast. It doesn't hold wax well.

This doesn't make a ton of sense, because you're comparing it to a board with an extruded base (TRS).

linvillegorge 03-30-2014 12:56 PM

I think the Templar is a great board for a beginner. If you've ridden it and like it, buy one. They're dirt cheap on

Wafflesx 03-30-2014 01:10 PM


Originally Posted by jtg (Post 1651617)
This doesn't make a ton of sense, because you're comparing it to a board with an extruded base (TRS).

Sorry I figured that the TRS was sintered I only quickly looked over the fact sheet. So both boards will be about the same then. Even though the templar is sintered it kinda sucks as a base.

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