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kumimajava 04-01-2014 09:00 AM

NS Raptor or Endeavour Live
After spending the past 5 years or so mainly on hardboots (please don't judge me too harshly!), I'm now returning to riding softboots only. Being based in the UK, I've not easily got a way of demoing a board, but I'd like to take advantage of some of the end-of-season deals to be well ready for next winter (moving across to Japan, and I hear the kit there will be way expensive during the season).

The intention was to move to a 'one board' quiver (hence the interest in the Live), but having come across a very nicely priced old Hovercraft (156, 2010 vintage), I think that'll be my powder-board. My previous softboot board was a Prior MFR 165 from way back in 2008, which is a stiff camber-only board (in fact, all my boards have been camber-only up till now).

So, coming from hardboots, I'd like to have a board that lets me carve aggressively, and given that I have large feet (12 US), my mind current thinking is along the lines of the Raptor X 165 or Endeavour 161W. I would be doing some riding switch, but probably not very much (kinda rusty after all that time locked in high angles), and I doubt I'll be making it to the park very often.

My current thinking is that the Raptor would probably suit better if I get the Hovercraft also - but if the Live is close enough to the Hovercraft in terms of Pow performance, I might just (actually!) settle on just the one board.

Size-wise, I'm around 6'1 and weigh in at around 200lbs.

I would warmly welcome feedback from anyone who has ridden both (or, indeed, if there is another obvious board I'm overlooking).

PS. Yes, i've been all over the forum, looking up info on these two boards, but hadn't come up with any direct comparison.

Many thanks for your patience :)

deagol 04-01-2014 09:27 AM

I have not ridden both, but own a Raptor 165 and it IS my powder board. I also carve fairly well on it and do not ride fakie at all. It doesn't carve quite as well as my old Burton T6 (a camber board) but it's pretty good. I ride somewhat steep angles for a softboot setup (about 30 & 23). Hope that helps...

kumimajava 04-01-2014 09:58 AM

Thanks for the info. I suppose the secondary purpose of the Hovercraft would be for riding trees, am not sure (based on what I've read) the Raptor would be very cooperative in a tight spot. Or maybe i just need to grow a larger pair of stones :(

deagol 04-01-2014 10:07 AM

I don't "love" the Raptor in trees, but it's no worse than my T6. The T6 is a 162 and the Raptor is 165, but the Raptor has a bit of rocker which probably makes it better than the shorter T6 in the trees. Neither one is great, but that's more likely due to their relatively long length (I'm 5'9" about 160 pounds). A shorter board would be easier to throw around in tight spaces, but riding tight trees isn't a priority for me.

F1EA 04-01-2014 11:18 AM

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Well, if you've mostly rode Camber decks, the Live will be more up your alley.

I have a 2014 Live and it is solid. The Raptor will out-float it any day; the Live is really precise and aggressive yet at the same time floats VERY well, but it doesn't have that loose feel of rocker underfoot. I've ridden the Live in everything from icy as fuck to 70cm fresh waist deep pow and it is good all around; but it's stand-out conditions are soft-packed to about 30cm fresh. It is absolutely killer in those conditions. Also awesome in spring slush :)

The Live starts out at about 8/10 flex, but then it softens up a little bit to more like 7-7.5/10. Sidecut radius is pretty aggressive too, so it can turn sharply, specially in trees with fresh snow under... not so great in hard pack moguls.

So i'd say: if you want more aggressive carving, groomer bombing, some park, pow, and just an aggressive all around board... get the Live. If you're guaranteed more deep pow, get the Raptor.

Edit: oh wait a minute... you will already have a Hovercraft? get the Live.

kumimajava 04-01-2014 11:48 AM

Thanks for your feedback F1EA. It's your earlier posts on a different thread that alerted me to the Live in the first place, never heard of Endeavour before (the Live is also about $170 cheaper over here than the NS).

I'm somewhat surprised that the Live would carve better than the Raptor, given how much has been written about the Raptor's dampness & stability at speed, but then this is precisely why I asked for a comparative question to see if anyone's tried both. Thanks again for your input - very valuable :)

F1EA 04-01-2014 12:23 PM

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No probs.
Yea Endeavor is a small independent company from Canada, that's why you will not hear much about them. Also, most consumers are american, so obviously there will be more feedback on american brands.

In your case, since you're already used to camber, i think definitely test C/R/C before you buy, because the difference is absolutely noticeable. Yeah the Raptor can be damp and stable, but the large section of camber underfoot and between bindings has a very distinct carve and inherent stability feeling... just like rocker between bindings has a distinct floaty feeling.

Both are solid boards... just the Live is more all around aggressive freestyle and carving, Raptor more pow.

kumimajava 04-01-2014 01:13 PM

Not averse to small Canadian snowboard companies at all - the Prior, which is my 'current' softboot deck is made near Whistler, and my alpine boards were by Coiler (near Ontario, I think). Was a bit of faff getting the Coilers over to Europe, but it was well worth it. The Prior is a nice & stiff board, but just unfortunately too narrow, especially after coming back from alpine boards :(

So in that vein, the Endeavour could be a nice continuation. I'll have a think & see if anyone else chimes in with any further comments :)

CoreLimey 04-01-2014 02:07 PM

I own an Endeavor Next....take a look as I think it fits your bill.

It's hover camber, camber underfoot with rocker in the nose. This profile was only introduced to this years (13/14) and it will be discontinued next season.

The Next will ride better in powder than the Raptor imo...I own and have ridden a number of N.S but not been on the Raptor. Their sidecuts (vario grip) work and their rocker camber profile decks carve very nice.

Raptor for carving and get the Hovercraft for pow....or just get the Next.

A quality u.k store has one in stock (i have nothing to do with them).

All the best.

F1EA 04-01-2014 02:39 PM

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^ yep more or less that.

The Next is maybe a bit closer to the Raptor than the Live. The Live is more of a aggressive freestyle pow all arounder... Next is a freeride pow board.
So the Raptor will out-pow the Live, but the Live will out-all around the Raptor....

I'm getting a pure Pow board for next yr to complement the Live and a park board (Forum Manual) I have.

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