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blooh 04-15-2014 11:41 AM

Ladies! NS Onyx, Roxy Ollie Pop, suggestions?
Hi ladies. Just wondering if anyone could give me feedback on the Never Summer Onyx or the Roxy Ollie Pop. I can't seem to find too many reviews on the Onyx.


EatRideSleep 04-15-2014 12:29 PM

Hi! Sorry, haven't ridden either but have seen/heard a lot of favorable things about the Ollie Pop. Have you tried doing a search here for it? Something should come up (might only be the often posted, "I got this board for my wife/gf and she loves it for x,y,z reasons" however :laugh:).

What are you looking for specifically in a board?

blooh 04-15-2014 12:38 PM

Thanks! I have searched and searched google. Backcountry seems to have a couple of good reviews on the Onyx.

I recently posted a couple of topics, one being that my board felt too big and the other about finding a board based on effective edge length, contact length etc.

To quickly recap: I'm an intermediate rider venturing into the park but still spend most of the day on the mountain finding natural lips and jumps (smallish) to play off of. I'm 5'2" 120-125 lbs., 7 boot. My GNU Ladies Choice feels like too much board for me. It's ok to cruise on, but difficult to throw around and play with. I guess that is why I am looking at shorter, softer boards. Being a bit of a lighter rider I feel that the medium flex boards really feel stiff for me. I want the best of both worlds: fun, lighter feeling playful board, yet can charge a bit when I want to.

EatRideSleep 04-15-2014 12:59 PM

Try doing a search here for it (select Posts only in the terms).

From what I know of the Ollie Pop, sounds like it'd fit the bill. If you like the profile of the Ladies Choice (CRC), then Ollie Pop for sure: both GNU and Roxy are made by Mervin. There may be other brands/models that pique your interest within the threads about the Ollie Pop however.

I'm your weight but 5'8". I get what your saying about the heavy feeling of the GNU board; my B Pro is for all-mountain thus I got a lighter, softer deck as a rock/beginner park board (and bc it was a ridiculously good deal). I wouldn't suggest it though because you also want to charge.

Stony Rice 04-15-2014 09:21 PM

My daughter just bought an Onyx after riding it on a demo day. She also rode the Infinity and the Raven but enjoyed how playful the Onyx was and how much better it felt overall.

sb60 04-15-2014 09:46 PM

I tried the Ollie Pop this winter. I have a couple of Roxy boards I like, the Envi and Eminence. The Ollie Pop had really grippy magna trax and I hated it. Also it felt stiff on the ends. I bought a shorter (146) Eminence and I'm very happy. The Eminence is a twin. I never tried the Onyx.

sb60 04-15-2014 10:38 PM

Another board you might consider is the gnu Be Nice.

blooh 04-16-2014 02:37 PM

Stonyrice-Thanks! That's good to hear! I think I have my heart set on this board. How old is your daughter? Does she ride the mini or the adult size. If adult, what is her weight and size of board?

Sb60-That is good to know about the Ollie Pop. I have heard great things about the Eminece but am leery because it is listed as a medium flex board and so is my Ladies Choice and it feels stiff. I will have to check out more of the Roxy boards as it's my understanding that they are a bit lighter. I have been looking at the B-nice as well, but am wondering if they (GNU) are overall heavier boards (my Ladies Choice feels stiff and heavy). MY husband had the Billy Goat and liked it very much but didn't love it. He understands my dilemma in that his board felt stiff and not as playful. He ended up getting the NS Proto HD and loves it. It's not just that I want a "park" board (though I do want to progress with boxes and smaller jumps), it's that I'm a lighter rider, I'm light on my feet (if that even makes any sense in snowboard world), and want a board I can manipulate. Sorry, I hope it doesn't seem like I'm shootin down your suggestions!

BTW-I'm loving the new graphics on the 2015 NS Onyx. It's like watercolor or tie dye with blue on the bottom, and blue is my favorite color! But I can get the 2014 for $269.00. Ah! What's a girl to do!

sb60 04-17-2014 11:47 PM

Gnu, Lib Tech, and Roxy are all built by Mervin so they have similar construction. The B Nice is a softer board with magna trax, rocker camber. The Onyx is also softer and should work out about the same. When I wasn't riding too long, I got an Infinity and found it easy to ride. The Onyx might be a good choice. As for graphics, I usually go for the sale price, but it is a plus if I like them. I know they list the Eminence as an advanced board and it might not be much more flexible then the Ladies Choice which I've never tried. Keep your Ladies Choice. You might like it more later.

Deacon 04-18-2014 01:26 PM


Originally Posted by blooh (Post 1686113)
BTW-I'm loving the new graphics on the 2015 NS Onyx. It's like watercolor or tie dye with blue on the bottom, and blue is my favorite color! But I can get the 2014 for $269.00. Ah! What's a girl to do!

Can't see it when you're riding it.... :D

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