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sailor_swede 05-09-2014 09:08 PM

Looking for a New All mountain Pow board
So i am looking to get a new board this year, and it seems impossible to find the right board.

I am an intermediate rider, but just bought a season pass and plan on spending at least 50 days at the mountain this year. (mt hood and other mountains in the northwest).

I previously rode an arbor element alt, which I liked, but felt slow and not as responsive as i would like.


I generally stick to the bowls, and backcountry looking for fresh powder. that being said, I do like bombing down groomed runs, and doing some tree lines.

so id like a board that is Excellent in the powder, very responsive, and fast. It also needs to be able to hold its own on groomed runs.

im currently looking at the jones flagship and the burton custom, and possibly a lib tech... but im up for ANY suggestions!

main concern is a board, but I am up for suggestions on bindings and goggles too!


Bamfboardman 05-09-2014 09:23 PM

I wouldn't go flagship because it is a little bit harder to turn then most boards. Since you're looking to bomb groomers you probably want a mostly camber board so lib tech and never summers wouldn't be ideal unless you've ridden them before and truly love them.
If I were you I'd look at boards like the Jones Aviator, Burton Flight Attendant, Slash Straight, or a K2 Peace keeper.
Bindings I would get a really responsive binding like a Burton Diode or NOW IPO's
Goggles are pretty much personal preference, I wear smith I/O.

Nivek 05-09-2014 09:24 PM

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If you felt the Element unresponsive I'd ride a Flagship before you decide on that. It's a freeride board, meaning super stable, meaning a bit sluggish at slow speeds.

Take a strong look at the Flow Drifter. That's my choice in all mountain powder at the moment.

Others I've liked: K2 Turbo Dream and Ultra, Yes PYL, Yes Basic for something a bit softer, and Rossi Angus.

Argo 05-09-2014 09:47 PM

Do you like riding setback twin, tapered directional w/ setback or a true twin?

My favorite pow/all mountain board has been a set back twin. Setback saves the legs in powder.... Once you get used to riding it, you don't even notice it. My board of choice of this type is smokin kt22. It floats very well, holds a solid edge on ice, cuts through chop and is almost indestructible....

Post season I am riding a jones solution split.... It is a very nice ride and floats well. It's a bit more flexible than I like and/or expected it to be. Seems jones qc is off some. My son has the exact same board in a 2cm shorter nonwide length, it's way stiffer....

Boots, love my flow talons.... Extremely comfortable and durable. I tour in them also.... Great boot.

Bindings, I have sparks afterburners on my split, amazing.
Unions factory bindings on my pow board, they are very comfortable and not super stiff so they match my boots well. They are canted, so will a few others from union this year, so you can comfortably ride a wider Freeride type stance. I notice a big difference that I had not before when I go from riding my canted bindings all morning then going to my split in the afternoon. I ride a 1" wider stance with canting....

sailor_swede 05-09-2014 10:52 PM

thanks for the great advice so far!

I should probably also mention that in the last 4 years I have only been boarding 3 times :( (school got in the way). This being said, I think I could get used to any style without being previously used to another.

I do want to bomb down groomers, but only after i spend most of the day in the powder. My main concern is getting a board that I can bomb down chutes in several feet of powder, with great control and stability. So groomers arent a main concern, but if there is a board that is good in powder and on groomed that would be good.

I am also thinking that once I get back into the groove of things I will buy a board that is specifically for backcountry powder. If i do this I want to be able to use the 1st board for general runs.

I am going to look into all of the boards that you all reccomended, but if after reading my update you have any changes, let me know.

also, being out of the loop for several years im not too sure about "Do you like riding setback twin, tapered directional w/ setback or a true twin? " are there any other boards youd suggest?

im guessing the best way to go is get 2 boards? but im not sure...

basically, if you had to pick a board that you used all winter for mainly powder, and back country.. but at teh same time dont want to be sluggish when racing your friends down the mountain.. what would it be?

thanks again for the feedback! looking everything up now!

sailor_swede 05-09-2014 11:04 PM

also, what size would be good? I am 511 and 175lbs

should I give the element alt another try?

should I get 2 boards?


Mizu Kuma 05-09-2014 11:14 PM

YES Greats, Flux DS, and a mid to stiff flexing boot that fits your foot the best!!!!!

As also suggested maybe even the YES Basic if ya want somethin that'll be a little more forgivin!!!!!

* Both are a CamRock profile and virtually what I reckon is the best all round pow/groomer profile if ya after a one board wonder!!!!!

Mizu Kuma 05-09-2014 11:19 PM

Oh and goggles!!!!!

Whatever fits to ya mug the best!!!!!

* If ya wear a bucket, make sure it's compatible with the goggle frame as well!!!!!

Argo 05-09-2014 11:58 PM

Yes is ok but it will not last a solid 50+ days.

For size I'd go with 160-163 range given your desired riding styles.

If you can swing it, get two boards. Split for "backcountry " and regular for lift service.

Argo 05-10-2014 12:03 AM

Make sure you try on boots and goggles for fit. I love electric eg2.

I rode a kt22 for 3 seasons as a go to board, it was awesome for the kind of riding your wanting to do.

I swapped to a true twin smokin awesymetrical this year and loved it except On days that were knee deep or more, got powder leg pretty bad within 3-4 hours of riding. the setbacks on the kt22 wins on this aspect.

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