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Default Alright, I give up.

Okay. So I can bomb. I can out-bomb even most skiers. I ride a 171 and a 172. I have incredible stamina top to bottom non stop full throttle. I'm aggressive and 100% confident on my board. I can ride blacks and double blacks comfortably. I charge huge lines the way a skier would. If set my bindings right I can ride switch prolly 80%.

BIG F***** DEAL.

Last week at Sunshine I noticed just how much I really do suck. I stopped to watch park riders hitting the kickers and stuff, and that was my wake up call. I'm on the waiting list for knee surgery, and after my recovery i'm gonna give the park a go. I can do some moderate air right now, but my knee brace is too constrictive and throws me off balance in the air. I been doing homework, and I think magna traction will be my next board to try out. I'm planning on being 230lbs, i'm 250 right now, by then. I'm thinking a Gnu BTX wide 166 with Union forces. I have ZERO park experience, would this be a good choice?

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good luck to you brother. droppin those extra 20 pounds will be very beneficial. the lesser the weight you have to carry and huck around the better. ive lost 30lbs. recently and ive noticed that the stress on my joints has decreased significantly, so that should help out with your knee. hope your surgery goes well.
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I am the same way. I can hit the steeps, go fast, carve, feel stable, etc. Then I swing by the park or see a guy buttering and popping 180's on a mellow trail and I feel like I suck. I used to hit the park more when I didnt care about hard falls or injuries. Now that I am older I moved away from it but I want to get back.

Do the rest of you feel like being "good" at snowboarding has to include a flowy style and pulling off tricks, or can bombing and carving up steep trails just be another facet of riding? With skiing I feel that someone would be considered "good" or "great" by hard charging and carving up difficult terrain. I dont feel the same with boarding (outside guys like Jeremy Jones or big mountain backcountry riders). I think it is because most pro riders we know about are all freestyle focused.
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20lbs is a good loss for sustaining joints better for sure. I dropped from 250 to 168 made my riding improve drastically.

Anyways as far as that board its not a bad option for a pricepoint park stick if thats the way you want to go. A 166 is still big for park even at your weight. Drop down to like a 161ish it'll make for better swing weight if you're spinning and help if you get into jibbing. I'd also say check out a deck like the Never Summer revolver the vario power grip will give you what you want with edge hold.
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Originally Posted by BurtonAvenger View Post
I dropped from 250 to 168.
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Originally Posted by tekniq33 View Post
Do the rest of you feel like being "good" at snowboarding has to include a flowy style and pulling off tricks, or can bombing and carving up steep trails just be another facet of riding?
If you're asking this, It's because you don't remember when you were a newby.... I can assure you that when you're learning to ride, and you are looking at someone bombing a black trail, they are definitely good....

So my point is you can be really good in snowboarding without park experience, but I would consider snowboarder with both skills being just more complete.

But still, I think you have to evaluate both skills separatly*

my 2

* I reserved the right to change my mind when I will be good at both so I can say I'm better because I have park skill also
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Don't get too hung up on the park thing, if you can bomb down a black and double black, you're consider a good freerider...There's two school of snowboarding, freeride and freestyle...I think it's more a mental thing, thinking you have to be good at both park and freeride in order to be a good snowboarder...well, some people just don't prefer the park at all, yet he/she can take on the steepest, craziest terrain. Take track and field as an example, you can be a good sprinter but suck at running a marathon and vice versa....After all, if you look at the commercial side of snowboarding, everything revolves around freestyle/park riders, crazy tricks...etc, simply because it's more fun to watch and easier to market....from there, everyone out there start to have this notion that in order to be "Good" you have to be able to catch big air, rails...etc...Not saying you can't do both...but definition of a good rider shouldn't strictly be your ability at doing tricks...
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This may sound odd coming from an old school skater who was all about technical (and burly) tricks, but I think being out all over the mountain makes you better... I mean you still have the natural hits PLUS the element of surprise which often require quick improv.

The only surprise you get in the park is the dumbass kid that rides underneath you while you're in the middle of your 360 indy.

That said, the park is crazy fun and yes, you should go in and play .

Best wishes with the weight loss and DIDAMN AT BA's DROP IN WEIGHT!!!!!!
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Too continue building on this... I used to ride "Park" a lot when I was in my late teens and early twenties. Was never very good at it but I felt like it actually held back my mountain riding a lot. I was spending no time really riding just hitting kickers and the occaisional box/rail than either hiking or taking the tow-rope back to the top of the park. Now I almost never go into the park outside of screwing around on some of the boxes and tabletops because I'm almost 30 and feel every big fall I take that much more. I'm finding myself now though at the end of this season starting to feel like I want to revisit my youth a bit and get back into the park for next season so I can feel like I'm still progressing to some extent. I can charge just about anything and if I can't i'm not afraid to try and find out the hard way! I agree that you have to look at both sides of the fence but you should still try to be a complete rider. So you may never be able to pull double corks, but it would be nice to be able to pull a slow rotating 3 off of one of the windlips or natural kickers you encounter riding the steeps which you can only do if your comfortable enough in the air which you can only really get from riding the icy kickers in the park.

The reason the views of what's ripping is different between skiing and snowboarding has a lot to do with the fundamental differences in how the sports started and grew. Skiing has been around a lot longer than snowboarding and has a very strong basis in racing which equates to charging being the definition of your skill in most cases. Snowboarding on the other hand while initially having a push towards racing evolved much more along the skate and surf style of riding which is why there is so much more of a freestyle influenced feel to it.

To me when I'm watching a snowboard film the sickest parts are always the guys charging the huge AK or BC faces and cranking out big 3's and 5's off of what naturally exists there like hucking huge cliffs. That combines both sets of skills
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Originally Posted by VinXXX View Post
I'm planning on being 230lbs, i'm 250 right now, by then. I'm thinking a Gnu BTX wide 166 with Union forces. I have ZERO park experience, would this be a good choice?

Healthy Weight Loss Calculator

I use this for alot of my patients pretty basic. Just thought I would put it out for ya !
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