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ZFanatic 04-05-2009 11:13 AM

Help me find a similar board
Last spring break I went on rental equipment and had a Burton Bullet Mustang board, the green and black one. Liked everything about it, except that the edges were dull, but that's probably because it was a rental. Does anyone know if anything in Burton's current lineup (or any other's as well, not necesarily just Burton) is similar to that board, or something else that would work? I need something about a 165-167, a wide for sure, but I don't know where to order an 05 board from.

thomas.s.miller 04-05-2009 11:27 AM

burton bullet.its a wide too.

ZFanatic 04-05-2009 03:45 PM

Thanks. I wasn't sure if it was the same as the old one. I'll keep looking though because I'm trying to find something nicer than a beginner board.

What about the T6? It looks like it would fit me pretty well. I sized it up at the store today and it fit my enormous feet (width wise). It's pretty stiff, but I'm a big guy at ~290. It's a little pricy, but it's killer on sale right now for just a little more than I was looking to spend, which is no big deal. Is that too much board for me? I've ridden several times and don't have any problems tackling any of the blue runs I've encountered.

ZFanatic 04-05-2009 03:47 PM

I also meant to ask, I tried on some Burton Ozone boots today. Best fitting quality boots I've tried on so far (9 pair), and I'll probably get them. My only question is are they too soft? They're pretty flexible, but extremely comfy, and so I was wondering if some stiffer bindings like Cartel's or something might compensate.

thomas.s.miller 04-05-2009 06:06 PM

the t6 is a super stiff super light say either go with a custom or a custom x.both stiff and come in for boots its all about for bindings, rome targas amd arsinals are great bindings.if you get an ics board(the custom X, or the custom ics) your gonna need to get est bindings os id say the co2s or cartels.

ZFanatic 04-05-2009 06:47 PM

Alright, so would the Custom X in a 164 Wide be right for my size? I don't want a huge board, but I want something big enough to fit me and my size. I was also thinking Cartel EST bindings. The CO2's are kinda expensive for my liking. I've read that the Cartel's are pretty stiff, so hopefully that'll give me a nice contrast to the fairly soft Ozone boots.

How's that setup sound? I'm trying to narrow it down so I can go in and say "get me this." as opposed to shopping around in the store and getting swindled into buying something else.

I'm also looking at the supermodel X. Which one should I go for if I'm looking for probably all just hitting normal runs, carving bowls, etc. Not really looking into doing any park stuff (yet anyway).

thomas.s.miller 04-05-2009 07:44 PM

you should be ok.the supermodle is more of a powder board, but i heard its ok on regular runs too, as for the cartels, i think ar your weight they are going to be ok.the lenght is good too. you got your self a good setup, mind its burton haha.burton isnt liked on this forum, butits all good.

ZFanatic 04-05-2009 08:31 PM

K thanks. Is there something similar to the supermodel X in another brand you'd recommend? I'm not really glued on Burton or anything, it's just what I've heard of (marketing...) and what I've used for rentals, and I didn't hate it or anything (it's still rental equip) so I figured it was safe to go with.

Any alternate brand recommendations? That would free me up with bindings too rather than being stuck with Burton bindings by default.

I was also wondering, how different is the Custom X from the regular Custom? I mean, it's like 75 bucks cheaper, which is a decent amount.

thomas.s.miller 04-06-2009 12:35 AM

ok, cusom has regulat steel edges, and ics or 3d.the custom x is stiffer, has stainless steel edges, ics only, and is a lil lighter i for diffrent brands,the Rome design and anthem seem to fit your do neversummer boards.the k2 believer and darkstar sound right too.

DiamondCarver 04-06-2009 12:58 AM

Check out Bataleon, Never Summer, K2, and Rome. All make great stuff.

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