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Guibs 04-07-2009 11:15 PM

Pants Size?
Hi guys

I've snowboarded/skied when I was younger, but been away from the mountain for a good 7 or so years. On the coming south hemisphere season I intend to hit Chapelco in Argentina and get boarding again.

Needless to say, my snowboarding pants don't fit me anymore. I live in Brazil so snow clothing is way overpriced here (like 2x official US prices). I figured I'd buy my gear online from a US dealer and take advantage of the massive sales going on, but I'm afraid of buying the wrong size. I've settled for Burton gear, because it seems vendors have the biggest selection in stock and my old clothes, which I liked, were Burtons as well.

Now, my old pants were women's (basically I was a kid in Europe who didnt speak the language and was pushed to buy it by the clerk because it was the only pants that would fit me at the time) and I cut the tags off back in the day to try and mantain what little dignity I had. So I can't tell their size to compare with. All I know is that the pants were Burton Tactics and that they're too small for me now (like, one size too small since they do close).

I wear size 30-32 jeans (depending on cut, etc), weigh 160lbs and am 5'7''. My waist however is 35in? By Burton size charting 35in would be large pants which I can guarantee I am not. SO I'm confused. Is my beer belly throwing the sizing off? Are the pants (Burton or otherwise) true to size (i.e. jeans?). Do keep in mind I'm looking to buy slimmer pants (ronin rockets or hustla pants to be more precise).

Sorry for the long winded post but felt I needed to explain myself lest someone told me to go to a store and simply try the pants on (to reiterate - I'm brazilian and we don't have Burton vendors).

tks for the help!

Reede 04-07-2009 11:36 PM

Heh this story made me laugh.

I wouldn't rule out wearing L size, it will depend largely on the manufacturer but I weigh 180 and can wear a pair of 36 pants without a belt, normal clothing I buy is pretty much awlays L but my snowboard pants are XL and I would not want them to be any smaller at all. They are O&E brand tho, not Burton.

Pants that are a little baggy are fine as long as they stay on your hips, a pair with decent adjustment straps that you can adjust without any folding/snow inlet issues will pretty much fit regardless.

Pants that are too small suck tho, Ive got a feeling going down to a medium will be too small for you while L will be slightly big (ie: ideal)

ChubbyGuy 04-08-2009 02:23 AM

I agree with Reede, i would go with a large if your going for thhe TWC slim fit burton pants, cause having pants too small is all bad. if you were getting a sig fit (their regular fit) burton pant i would say go w/ a medium since those r just a little baggy.

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