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nodaysoff 04-18-2009 12:23 AM

So heres the thing, I wanted to get an good all mountain board for next season but im unsure of what size to get. @ 6'0 165lbs I started with a 5150 155, and picked up a 156 scaremaster to play around with/butter towards the end of last season, hoping to progress in park next season.
I was told that i couldve got the Scare in a 152(mainly for park), but went with the 156 since i figured I'd be hitting greens/blue with it as well(which it handled pretty well). Lookin at the charts of the different All Mountain boards i had in mind it looks like i need about a 159 160?

At this stage of the game stock is low. The spots with the good deals are either short on sz.(156/157) or out of stock and the retailers that do have the boards I want aint really choppin much off the prices.(lookin to spend 200-300).

So i guess the question is:
How critical is it to go larger for an all moutain board? when do you really benefit ie. powder vs groom, jumps, etc?:dunno:

Whats the disadvantage of gettin a 156/7 as oppose to a 159/60?

Out of the following boards which would you choose?

With buttering and Pop in mind here are my picks:

Rome Agent
Rome Anthem
Bataleon airobic, goliath, evil twin(not sure which one i reallt want, just read alot of good reviews on them)
Capita FCG
Any other comparable boards?

Eastcoast, looking to step out west once or twice next season

As always thanks in advance

con3593 04-18-2009 12:37 AM

Well, as with almost everything, it's highly critical on your riding style..the smaller board will be better in the park, but you are sacrificing stability. So a short board in this case will really screw you up with powder, and you would most likely just be entirely better off increasing the size. My stats a fairly close to yours and I ride a 159. You will notice a big increase in stability, as I said earlier, with the larger board. Honestly I don't think the increase should be a detriment to your park abilities whatso ever. I think the Agent would make the better park board for you, because if I remember correctly the Anthem was more of a all mountain board...Hope this helps..

nodaysoff 04-18-2009 10:12 AM

I see what you mean Con, Park is not really my main focus, and when i do get into it ill probably deticate the scaremaster to it. Still considering my self a beginner i guess my riding style is mainly groomers, a few ground tricks( my main goal for next season is buttering hard and gradually jumping off kickers, etc., thats ofcourse after getting my switch down pack:laugh:).

I guess my minimum should be 159? or 158? depending on the manufacter. Rome has 158 then 160 for the agent, and 159, 162 for anthem.

bubb_rubb 04-18-2009 01:22 PM

If you have a smaller, dedicated park board you might want to go on the long side. But really, for east coast riding, an int. rider at your size would be fine with the 56/7 too. If you find a good sale on any of them, you might as well pull the trigger. I would also look at Never Summer SL-R (although expensive and hard to find) and the Arbor Element (also a little more money, but damn sweet all-mountain ride). Maybe look at the T Rice as well...

con3593 04-18-2009 04:20 PM

For east coast riding you CAN get away with riding a few CM's small, but be careful, because it will screw you up if you make any trips out west, or if we do get a pow day.. You won't get a good amount of float. So I would go for the 160

nodaysoff 04-18-2009 05:10 PM

K, sounds good, now i just have to find and decide on a board:laugh:


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