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PizzaGuy 04-18-2009 06:59 AM

New Binding for Park
Hi there!
So i'd like to get new bindings, but i'm not sure which one to get and now i want you give me some advice about this please.
I want to ride park and rails 99%. Kickers bigger than 15 feet up to 30feet (10 meters).
I've already heard some good opinions about the Rome 390 being a good parkbinding.
But i'd rather like the style/color of the white burton bindings like P1.1, Custom, Mission. About the Mission and Custom i didn't hear that much.

low priced: Custom
mid priced: Mission, 390
p1.1, if they are really worth that money...

So which one of these 4 is the better park binding to go for??

boot size US: 8.5
Board: Forum Destroyer or maybe Nitro T1

thanks in advance!:D

jmacphee9 04-18-2009 09:10 AM

the 390s..

SnowBrdScotty 04-18-2009 09:10 AM

depends how you like your binding..mid flex? more less, depends on the individuals liking. but most will tell you mid or flexible for park. firm very responsive for other.

Flick Montana 04-18-2009 10:14 AM

You can't go wrong with the 390.

DiamondCarver 04-18-2009 05:12 PM


con3593 04-18-2009 05:17 PM

390's no doubt...I have been riding mine for only a few weeks and have progressed more then I have in the last 3 years

DC5R 04-18-2009 06:09 PM

+1 for the 390s

PizzaGuy 04-19-2009 12:36 PM

well i think i'd go for some mid or softer bindings.

haha! that's awesome.
thanks for the replies guys!
I'll gonna get the 390s. No doubts anymore^^

Enigmatic 04-19-2009 04:04 PM

I used to have customs, now I have 390s...

I highly recommend the 390's, glad to see your makin the right choice.

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