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jadis8 04-23-2009 02:54 AM

detune or change edge bevel?
I feel like my edges are catching too often (i'm still a beginner-intermediate and also just lookin to cruise around the groomers, no park) and was wondering whether I should just slightly detune or change the edge bevel? I read one of snowolf's post that a 1 degree base and 90 degree side (therefore 91 degree bevel) is more forgiving for a rider like me and perhaps something that I should consider. I already detuned the tips and tails but do you think I can get away with just slightly detuning the rest of the metal edge without having to change the beveling? Thanks.

legallyillegal 04-23-2009 03:09 AM

It's not the board.

Reede 04-23-2009 03:50 AM

As blunt as that comment was, get used to the idea of a bruised tailbone while you're learning.

MunkySpunk 04-23-2009 07:27 AM

Forgive LI, he got yelled at a few weeks back by the mods. Believe it or not, this is his magnanimous face.

If you're not a park rat, DON'T detune all around. You'll lose all moderate to tight turning control, and you might as well be riding an ironing board for all the control you'll have on ice.

Beveling the BASE edge 1 degree can be a big help, as long as you also bevel your side edge to keep a nice sharp angle (I do 1 degree base and 2 degree side). You'll find your board will pivot, swivel, and transition easier with much less of a tendency to catch an edge.

However, also get used to having a bruised tailbone. Brociety has impact shorts every couple of weeks or so. I broke my tailbone learning and got my ass (literally) a pair of Demon Hardtail pants that actually have a plastic insert armor for your tailbone. A good option might be to go for football pants with a plastic insert. It's a wise investment.

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