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kc0716 11-01-2009 04:16 AM

Returning boarder seeking advice (with special concerns)
Hello folks! I'm a returning snowboarder from a 2 year break due to financial/personal that the Snowboard Convention is in town, I would like to replace my old gear.

Here is my old equipment which I purchased from the Ski/Board Convention @ the LA Convention Center (aka Skidazzle)

Very basic stuff I got as a combo for cheap at the ski convention..I think maybe it was $200. Rossignol District 165 and some very basic Burton strap-on bindings...

My concern is this...when I used to ride, I noticed that a lot of time I would fall/slide/slip when I'm on my toe-side. I thought nothing of it at first and just thought I needed more practice..But my friends looked at how my boots were sticking out of the board so much and said that might be the problem why I'm not improving as I come here for advice.

Here is what it looks like with the boots on.

My boots are size 14 (U.S. Size..about 13.5 inches when measured on the bottom with a ruler) and the part that sticks out is 2 friends recommended that I get a "Wide" board..

At Skidazzle, they have 2 sections, one with vendors selling good/new stuff, and other a warehouse-ish section with hundreds of boots/binds/boards/accessories that are maybe 1 or 2 seasons older models (not used), sold by the Skidazzle staff..I plan on buying it from the warehouse section but it has no-return/exchange policy so I want to go in prepared on what I need to buy.

I am 6 ft tall, 200 lbs. I'm thinking about buying a wide freestyle board, that is not as heavy as my RS District I'll probably aim for 161..because my 165 is just sooo damn heavy to carry around. I also need some bindings that is big enough to fit my boots. My total price range for both bindings/board is about $300~$350..but at the section of the convention I'm going to, they sell it really cheap because some are models from previous seasons..

For example my friend picked up ride binding/lamar board combo for $200 + tax.

2 inches of boots sticking out of the board is not acceptable at all right? If anyone can shed some light on this for me, that'd be so much appreciated..I want to go into the convention prepared to know what size/measurements/type/brand I should be buying..thanks in advance guys!

squishydonut 11-01-2009 05:00 AM

it might just be the camera angle but the boots don't look centered(?) looks to have a lot more of the toe area sticking out. you could try moving the bindings more towards the bottom (last pic).

that being said, i THINK anything over a size 12 (12 1/2?) might mean getting a wide board.

we've got a lot more knowledgeable folks on the board, they'll probably chime in shortly.

FLuiD 11-01-2009 09:03 AM

Boots definitely are not centered in the binding...Although the binding doesn't look big enough for a 14. You def need a wide board and some appropriate big bindings! Then you want to center your boot in the binding. I have heel and toe overhang and it's not an issue.

ifresh21 11-01-2009 09:50 AM

LOL at having toe edge problems and then seeing half of the boot hanging off the toe edge.

But ya you boot doesn't look centered. It could definately be the camera angle though. This can be adjusted a bit

For size 14 you are gonna need a wide snowboard for sure though.

a big part of why it's so heavy is cuz it's a cheap rossignol
I'd recommend spending more than 200

DC5R 11-01-2009 10:12 AM

Your choice of a 161 should be good for your weight. A wide board is recommended, but centering your boots on the board is definitely necessary. Get new bindings as well. If you're planning to make a go at snowboarding, you might want to buy a spend a little more than $200. Your buddy's Lamar board is a price point, entry level board.

burtonrider97 11-01-2009 04:21 PM

like everyone is saying you need a wide board and size large binding (for most companys) or xl is they have it. u just will need to make sure that ur width on the board is big enough to allow the 14 boots. so u can be looking for a 159 and up.. in terms of weight cheeper board weight more due to the materials used on them. hope this helps

Anor 11-01-2009 08:08 PM

Good news for big footed riders is new boots this season are really cutting out the bulk and a size 14 typically has the footprint of something in the 12-13 range of older boots. Invest in good boots and work around them. Duck your stance a little if you have to 18/-15 might work. I have small feet but I've used that stance since I was 13 years old. Definitely look at a wide board, but spend more time sizing a boot up best you can. Chances are you really ride a 13 boot and have one that's too big. It's a mistake 90% of new riders make. I rode boots a size too big the first 7 years of riding. Read the Boot Fitting section of this Forum, it has a sticky above these. If you weigh 200lbs you can do freestyle on a fairly large board 158-162 and won't have a problem finding a wide board to suit you. Just focus on the boots, and don't cheap out on them. I also highly recommend getting a footbed from Superfeet if you can fit them in a bigger boot. Good luck man.

Lyndo 11-01-2009 08:35 PM

ya center your boots, get a wide board and another thing to look for is risers/gas pedals on the bindings. I wear size 13 boots and just got a wide board and got bindings with the risers and shouldn't have any problems with toe or heel drag. My bindings are burton cartels and you can slide the toe of the binding in and out and the very end of it is slightly tapered up so that it picks the toe of the boot up a bit, helps bigger footed riders like me and you.

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