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Default Husband came home today with a very nice gift, but now what?

So I've been thinking about getting a soft jib board just to mess around with on groomer days. I already spent some money this winter on a 2010 Never Summer Infinity-r 145, so I wasn't going to get another board until the sales hit later in the winter.

I was at home on the couch when my husband arrived late from work with a snowboard on his hand. Before he showed me which board he picked up, he launched into a tirade about what he had learned from researching the board. Apparently he spent his entire day online and on the phone asking about the pros and cons of various boards. Some of the information he came away with surprised me, so I wanted to run it by you all:

1. Capita construction is inferior to many other brands, including Gnu, Never Summer, Burton, etc. I was interested in the Space Metal Fantasy and several people at several different shops have said the same thing: don't bother.

2. For a woman who is 4'11'' and 105 pounds, a 145 is pretty long. Almost too long. It could be fine, but it might hinder my progression. A better size would be around 140 all-mountain and 135 park. This seems super small to me, as the smallest I've ridden is a 143.

3. Snowboarders in their first few seasons shouldn't ride more than one board. They should pick something that'll work all-mountain and learn it well. If you switch among several boards, you won't progress as fast. For that reason, I shouldn't keep the new board and the Infinity.

After several hours online, a long phone conversation with someone the The Boardroom in Colorado (I think), and a long conversation with the staff at US Outdoor Store, my husband came in the door with a Gnu B-street 141. He is fully convinced that it's the board for me. He loves his NS Legacy-r, so he understands that my Infinity is a quality deck, he just thinks that a 141 with a softer flex would serve me (a fairly small, conservative rider) better than my Infinity.

So obviously I'm a lucky woman to have a husband that would go through all of that to get me a new board for no good reason. Now my questions: are the facts I mentioned above accurate? Should I try to sell my Infinity, which was expensive and has only been on snow 2-3 times, and go with the B-street. Should I keep them both? Take back the B-street?

I'm a sucker for new gear and some carpet boarding has proven just how buttery the B-street is...I like her.
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1. Capita construction? Umm maybe got that mixed up with Cap construction.

2. My first board was a 164 back when I was 170 lbs. I turned out fine ahha

3. Ugh all these small details. I say dont worry about it. If anything it will make you good at adapting. Just ride and have a good time and be stoked you got a new board!!
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Originally Posted by stoepstyle View Post
1. Capita construction? Umm maybe got that mixed up with Cap construction.

2. My first board was a 164 back when I was 170 lbs. I turned out fine ahha

3. Ugh all these small details. I say dont worry about it. If anything it will make you good at adapting. Just ride and have a good time and be stoked you got a new board!!
I meant the overall construction of Capita boards isn't the best. At least that's what several different shops have said.

I would love to keep both boards, it's just a lot of money to invest. It'd be great to be able to justify one over the other.
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Oh ok yeah I have no experience with Capita so I wouldn't be able to tell you.

And honestly I wouldn't be able to choose one over the other. Id say ride the GNU a few times and then make a decision if you HAVE to

Sorry for being absolutely no help at all
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1. I think Capitas are solid boards. I've ridden a Horrorscope and owned a stairmaster and they have both felt great. Both of those have extruded bases, if I'm not mistaken, so maybe thats where people get the "inferior construction" idea. Capita isn't the first brand I look at when I'm buying but its still in the running for my cash.

2. My ex has about and inch and 5-10lbs on you and she rides a 148 (she bought it for the graphics). It looks a bit unwieldy under her, but she manages to keep up with the pack without getting exhausted.

3. I think someone should stick to a board if they are trying to learn a specific skill or stomp a trick, but if you're just riding, it doesn't really matter.

Unless you're committed to one type of riding, keep both... said the guy who has 4 decks good to go and 4 on his wall.
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this tells me a lot of guys at shops don't know their gear.

1. whoever says Capita makes inferior boards is either referring to the 07/08 stairmaster delam problems, or is being an elitist who only looks at price and determines since Capita prices are cheaper than others, they are automatically inferior.

2. you'll be ok with a 140 around that size.

3. best board for beginners are noodle park boards because they're easier to turn, they're easier to maintain, and beginners have no business bombing double blacks on a board they can't control.

keep both boards.
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This is my $0.02 (which is all it's probably worth):

1. Capita makes great boards. Having owned a Scaremaster, I can attest to the build quality which would be on par with almost any other board company.

2. I think a 145 is a little big for a 105lb person. However, it kindda depends on the softness of the board. If you're riding a Signal Park Rocker, then the 145 may be just right. Anyhow, the 141 your husband picked up would probably be better suited for you just because it's softer and be a little more forgiving, but that's not to say you can't ride a 145 just as well.

3. I kind of agree and kindda don't. Yes, keeping with one board will allow you to get accustomed to riding that board faster than constantly changing between different boards. However, if you can ride a snowboard, you can ride a snowboard.

And if you don't want the Gnu, my GF would love for you to send it over to her
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1.CAPiTA is manufactured in Austria in the Elan factory. It is, with maybe one exception, they highest tech factory in the world. CAPiTA is not a BS company. Quality/dollar they are one of the best board companies. No-knowledge guys at shops will push companies like NS and Mervin cause they have high price tags (I do like NS by the way, just to clarify). Walk into a Zumiez that doesnt have someone like me, and you will be recommended a GNU or Burton first shot, almost guarantee it. CAPiTA prices are low, so people out-of-the-know connect that with low quality. They also don't make any big deal about any of their "exotic" build techniques or materials like other said companies. All they advertise really is FK, which is necessary cause its what sets CAPiTA apart from other 3 stage rockers.

2.Size is important. That being said, I learned fine on a 155 plank when I weighed 120lbs. I should have been on a 149 or so. So yeah, what you have may be a little big. But you also have to take into account that its rocker, which you typically upsize on. So you may only be about a size to big, which isn't that big a deal at all.

3. I can see where some people are coming from saying that switching boards a lot will hinder your progression. This could go either way. I regrett that I've had to ride a super noodle since january without any real time on a more solid board. I now feel pretty awkward trying to ollie my new Indoor FK. Ride both. I would say you may feel the hurt to your progression if you alternate them every day you ride. If its warmer, ride the jibstick. If its colder or you got dumped on, ride the Infinity. Basically, whatever the day feels like, ride that board.

Keep it if you like, my advice as far as the board goes: if you want a jibstick (I hate to go against you husbands hard work) but the B-Street isnt all that soft. It makes a good all park board, but then so does your Infinity. I think the two overlap too much. For something more what you were looking for, I would look again at the SpaceMetal or maybe a VVV ROCK.

Best of luck on your decision.
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A 145 is too big for you??? That alone tells me those shop guys don't know their shit. Well, at least when it comes to sizing. Then again, I rarely come across shop employees that do size people correctly. Problem lies in that a lot of them don't even snowboard. I've seen shop employees who are actually skiers sizing up snowboarders.

145 is just fine for your style. The size I recommend for you? A 143. your height has nothing to do with it since you are perfectly average in your measurements. Unless you have huge feet, then that would be a matter of going with a wide. For jibbing, 141 is is also a great choice. More control for those butters! You can go as long as a 146 with your weight. Although I would only recommend you go that long for powder riding.

Your boards? They are both great, great boards. I guess you'll just have to toss a coin on that one. Or keep both (this is what I personally would do ). Now you have a 145 for general use and a 141 for jibbin the park fun!
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This thread makes me laugh. Of course the pro capita scenester fanboys will come in here and say they're quality. Then there's always the guy that says shop people don't know what they're talking about. I'd have to say since your husband did that much research and the over all consensus is the same that the construction is crap that maybe these shop people know what they're talking about and aren't sipping the kool aid. Also it wasn't the boardroom it was probably colorado boarder that he talked to.

As far as sizing goes people get too caught up in the numbers game and forget the fact guys were throwing double back flips in hard boots with 12 inch stances on 170's 20 years ago.

My .02 cents is capitas are cheaply made hence why you're seeing them in abundance amongst the poor little scenestar fagboys that rock them, unions, and assbury goggles with whatever clothing they dug out of the good will bin. I've ridden my fair share of them and honestly there's a few stand outs in their line but when a company says "we're going more park focused and making softer decks" that is usually interpreted by we're dropping how much money we put into each deck so we can change our bottom line. Flat kick is no different than jib tip from k2 or lowrize from ride but for some fucking reason it's the god send of great marketing in the reverse camber war of 2009. Oh look at us we couldn't invent something that was new but what we did is took what the big corporation down the road from us built, changed the name, upped our marketing and suddenly we're the king shits woo hoo. Flavor of the month brand that's going to get some huge backlash from it's hipster brethren when they notice that you can get their shit at box warehouses like sierra and mall stores like Zumiez.

As far as the b street yeah it'll jib for you but man he should have just got you a pandora instead. You're now going from a cambered reversed cambered deck into a flat tips reversed between the feet. 2 different rides and that's going to make progression a fun ole time.
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