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booyakasha 12-05-2007 10:01 PM

Swtich Out Sizes On Boots?
Ok, so i just dropped around $175 - $190 on some ROME SDS boots. They're pretty comfortable and all and they fit the board well (recently purchased RIDE prophet, thanks lisevo) but i seem to be having a little problem with heel lift and i don't know if i should go down half a size. I mean everything else is pretty comfortable EXCEPT for that one aspect.

There's about less than a cm before my toe touches the edge of the lining and whenever i try to do a hard toe turn, i can get like an inch lift or so. However, I haven't bought any snowboarding socks (JUST purchased some) so i don't know how it's going to affect the fitting. I also heard that buying insoles can minimize the lift as well. I mean, it's not big deal goin half a size down, but i don't wanna go through the hassle of returning them either.

Any suggestions?

lisevolution 12-06-2007 09:25 AM

did you try on the boots a half size smaller? If you bought them from a shop which I believe you did, then go back and try on the smaller size. If it's really uncomfortable and your toes curl up than you may either want to try another boot or just stick with them. At around $200 invested I'd want to make sure they're the shizzle and fit right. I mean I have a bit of heel lift in my boots nothing major but it's there. My problem is I'm like a 12.75 and noone even makes a 12.5 so my only option is a bit too big or a bit too small. The too small is super uncomfortable so I always go with the boot that has the least amount of noticible heel lift and the one in which my toes are closest to the front so I don't have to worry about them sliding forward too much when they pack out.

Oh and enjoy the board!

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