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EC99SS 12-09-2007 04:02 PM

Woohoo decided on board and bindings but have a couple ?'s
Yay after talking with several people I've finally decided on a ROME Anthem and Targa bindings. I'll order those online but the boots I'm still deciding on and will purchase those from local shop so I can try em on first. However I have a couple questions:

1) What size Anthem (156 or 159)? I'm 5'7' and 160 to 165ish. I'm thinking the 156, but does anyone have any opinions if I should go to 159 for some reason?

2) I wear between a 9 and a 10 boot (depending on brand). What size Targa bindings should I get?

Thanks much for your help and input.

hoboinluckytown 12-09-2007 04:16 PM

156 will work and id get large bindings

conradg_7 12-09-2007 04:26 PM

what type of riding do you want to do and i would get the large bindings

EC99SS 12-09-2007 04:57 PM

Hi -
Thanks for the replies.

Currently I do mostly freeride and I am an intermediate rider. I'm looking to continue to increase my skills this season. I'm also looking to start jumps this season as well. I don't do parks yet (only because I'm not that good yet). However I do intend to try parks out as well.

Flick Montana 12-09-2007 05:28 PM

Good call on the Anthem ;)

conradg_7 12-09-2007 05:42 PM

i would say get the 156 because it will be easier to do parks when you decide on going into the park

st.stark 12-09-2007 06:25 PM

Yeah I think the 156 will be a better overall fit for doing both freeride and freestyle. If you were ONLY ever gonna do freeride I might suggest the 159, but... Also, I believe that Rome only makes size s/m and l/xl so definately go with the larger sized bindings. I wear a size 10.5 Burton Moto and they fit really well in the large size, with some room to grow. :)

EC99SS 12-10-2007 02:03 AM

Awesome. Thanks all for the replies. It truly helped.

So I will be going with a 156 Anthem and (Large) Targas. I can't wait to get the new gear and head to the mountains!

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