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gearmeout 12-11-2007 10:50 PM

Any personal experiences with Never Summer boards?
Hi guys, since I'm new here, I'll start with a proper intro about me as a rider:

Name: J.K.B.
Age: 29
Height: 5'6" (I lean towards a 156 board)
Weight: 150 in the summer cycling season and 155-165 depending on how many holiday dinners I've had during the winter months.
Riding Style: All mountain freeride, I try not to embarass myself in the park.
Riding Experience: early intermediate stages (once or twice a year for the last 5 years).

I'm looking to do a lot more boarding in the coming years, so I've finally decided to purchase my own gear. I got fitted for boots and found a really good deal on 06/07 Burton P1s (really liked the Union Force MC /drool, but way outta my budget), so my attention has shifted to finding a board that suits my style.

I'm currently looking at either the Burton Custom X or a Never Summer Titan, both are priced in roughly the same range. I've also considered the Lib Tech Dark Series w/ Magne Traction, but that's more of a freestyle board.

I've also found a pretty good deal on an 06/07 Burton T6, but I'm afraid that might be too much board (unforgiving) for my up-and-coming riding abilities.

I figure a Burton would be the safe bet, but I'm really compelled by some of the stories I've heard about Never Summer, just looking to see if any SF members can weigh in with personal experiences.


doyler10 12-11-2007 11:16 PM

Well you're really looking at some high end boards as far as those two Burton ones go. I've never ridden them but Burton is usually pretty overpriced and I don't want to tell you to but I would stay clear of them you're really paying for the name. I don't have any experience with Never Summer boards but I hear they are really nice and I know alot of people here ride them so you should get some better help soon enough.

I would just say to remember that the most expensive board really isn't necessarily the best. Check out some Rome boards they some really nice ones too. And also don't pick your board because of the graphics, not saying you are just saying alot of first time buyers do so. Really look into the tech on the board and base it off that, then pick the best looking one. I ride a damn banana for christ's sake.

gearmeout 12-11-2007 11:26 PM

Thanks doyler, the Rome Notch 155 has some pretty nice looking board tech and it's in the same price range, I'll throw it in the mix as well.

lisevolution 12-12-2007 08:45 AM

I'd say of the Rome line the Anthem would probably be the board I'd go with for you...also NeverSummer makes a sick product don't own one but most likely will in the next couple of years. I'd also take a look at the Lib TRS and GNU Riders Choice. They are freestyle oriented but will handle anything you throw at them on a mountain, where as the Dark is basically focussed on park and pipe riding.

Nikolai 12-12-2007 09:49 AM


Originally Posted by doyler10
And also don't pick your board because of the graphics, not saying you are just saying alot of first time buyers do so. Really look into the tech on the board and base it off that, then pick the best looking one. I ride a damn banana for christ's sake.

i see what you sayin but i wouldnt spend hundreds of dollars on somthin that i think is far as never summer friend rides the NS legacy and he hasnt had any problems yet..most are built like a tank...durable, stiff, and fast...i wouldnt want to take it into a park but on the mountain its good...ive seen more than a few people riding NS on the mountain

Smallfry506 12-12-2007 11:32 AM

Hey your looking at some good stuff there.
Personally i dont feel the custom x and the titan should be compaired. The custom x is more of an all mountain board (more like my K2 zeppelin) good on the kickers and pipe while its still good on the groomers and steep. Has a good feel to it but does not carve or hold an edge like the titan.

The titian is a pure freeride board. Meant to be ridden hard and fast. I love the board out here on the east coast. Kills the groomers. Little heavy but i dont care it doesnt affect what i like to do (carve and go fast). It also has a three year warrenty. It is stiff! but then again thats a trait i love!

If you are looking in this price range i suggest you also take a look at the Atomic Dreamraider. New stick for me this year and boy do i like it. Has a bit longer of an effective edge than my titan does, lighter and moves down that hill. So far i have nothing negative to say about this board at all. I really love my titan but i like the Dreamraider more. I am a freerider and it lets me do what i want with confidence.

So take into consideration what you want to do, and then decide from there. There all great high end boards. These boards do need a lot of care though. There bases crave wax and a lot of it! Check for a demo date in your area. Burton and atomic are easy to find. Neversummer is a little harder but if you can find a shop around u that sells them, speak to there rep and im sure he will work something out so you can jump on a board. There pr skills are great.

PaoloSmythe 12-12-2007 11:46 AM

i had a few runs on an NS.... dunno which one.... it had a mountain on its top sheet.... was about 160

lively spring, nice progressive control thru the carve, light and fast as fark.

made me think my next plank will be a NS

just gotta well and truly kill my nitro first.... a bit of snow would help first tho! dammit

gearmeout 12-12-2007 11:56 AM

how bout T6 vs NS
Thanks all for the replies, it really helps. My buddy just bought a lib trs w/ banana and magne that I can try out too. I've got enough friends with burtons that I can try out, I think I'll take the plunge and be the NS shill in the group.

I also found an 06/07 T6 for 450... I'm tempted to just get both, but then I kinda end up with two boards for the same exact purpose: peak to base carving.

EC99SS 12-13-2007 06:51 PM

Good thread. I'm in the same boat and almost the same specs (body wise) as you. I was trying to decide between NS Premier and Rome Anthem. Both are great boards. NS is quality as is ROME. I don't think you'll find any real substantiated complaints about either stick. The Anthem is more versatile than the Premier. It's also lighter. However I believe the Premier is probably more stable at big mountain freeriding. Either way you'll be happy. I ended up choosing the Anthem. Why? Because I wanted a board that was more versatile (i.e. all mountain, park and pipe.). The Premier can do it, however will take a little more work than the Anthem. A lot of people talked me into the Anthem as well. Would I have regretted buying the NS if I did? Of course not. I think I would be just as happy. Good luck. NS is a quality company as is ROME.

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