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bisbers 02-10-2010 09:52 AM

K2 Turbo Dream - Which Size? 156 or 159. Or suggest a board...
Greetings, thank you in advance to those that help - many of my questions have been answered via search feature, but I finally need to ask the "Which Board?" question. Hopefully someone can suggest a size - I am open to other board suggestions but it might be too late this time around. (I tend to get wordy, so I bold-ed the key words for those that don't want my life story).

I have a slight preference towards K2 and based on what I am looking to do, had decided on the K2 Turbo Dream. Went to the local shop planning on picking up a 156, however the guys there felt I would benefit from going with 159 instead (they had both...). Picked up the 159, however I am not 100% convinced yet that I should be on that size. I will note that one of my reservations is that I am coming off years of riding an old 162 Nitro (here) that I felt was way too big, stiff, and heavy for me, I am hesitant to purchase another board that might be too large.

-I am 26 years old, 5'10", and my weight fluctuates between 200-215 lbs (*hoping* to go down as I get back in shape). Both size boards specify the exact same weight range.

-My shoe size is US 10.5-11 depending on shoes, currently have size 11 Burtons, so toe drag is a slight concern but the difference in the two boards is 24.7cm and 24.9cm - is 2 mm going to really help?

-I live in NJ, ride NJ, PA, NY, NH, and VT - east coast conditions - typically machine packed powder or granular/ice - powder riding is likely not a real concern.

-Riding style breakdown would be 75% Cruising/All Mtn + 25% Park (Both rails and kickers) I have been riding for a number of years and can tackle just about any trail without hesitation, in the park I am working on getting better at rails and boxes and learning spins on the jumps.

I chose the K2 Turbo Dream, although the decision was between the Darkstar(157), Parkstar(157), and TD(156/159). I demoed a Burton Hero 155 and found that I enjoyed the rocker but had some concern with flex(too soft) and stability on hard pack/ice. Hero 155 waist width was 25.2 and did not experience toe drag. I typically have my stance set just a few degrees off from 'straight?'. The TD has the All Terrain Rocker and what seems to be a nice degree of flex for my typical riding style.

Hopefully that is enough info to help suggest a board size:
K2 Turbo Dream in 156 or 159?

Thanks again!

Extremo 02-10-2010 02:19 PM

Over 200lbs definitely 159. I'm 5'11" 190 and I ride a 159 for almost 100% park.

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