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houkah26 02-13-2010 01:22 AM

Park/Jib Board
5'7 140lbs
Riding for 10 years, Park for 4 years
I ride all-mountain, but lately i've been just been hittin the boxes, rails, and small-medium sized kickers
I currently am riding an 05 Burton Custom 151, with Cartels and Burton Ruler Boots
Over all i love the setup and plan to keep this board as my all mountain board

What im looking for:
I'm looking for a lighter, shorter board with more flex. I really want something thats guna help me hit the rails and actually get sum decent presses and more butter for a change, and also something lighter to help with my spins would be nice as well
Although i've been riding for along time i still dont know much about boards, as i was happpy with mine

I'm thinking about going with a 147-148 and i've been looking at the Skate Banana and the Ride Kink
I'm open to any suggestions or input on a good park/jib'n board to help up my game

KC KONG 02-13-2010 02:17 AM

capita horrorscope if u can find one

$Lindz$ 02-13-2010 11:47 AM

Stepchild Jibstick!

I've heard good things about Nitro Sub Zero, Capita Horrorscope, and Ride Kink, though I've never ridden those boards myself. I've directly compared by riding my Jibstick with a Skate Banana, Box Scratcher, K2 WWW, and the Jibstick murders each and every one of those boards. For what you listed as attributes you desire in your board, trust me, get a 147 Jibstick and it will make itself your favorite board. Easily.

edit: I meant to add "if you can find one!!!" It's their most popular board, and they don't have the production capacity as those Made in China factories...

mrpez 02-13-2010 11:56 AM

i have a park pickle which is very flexy and a great park board. it has a deeper heelside cut which makes it easier to turn both ways, and is also an asymmetric twin. basically a skate banana but a little stiffer and the whole heelside cut/twin thing.

SnowBrdScotty 02-13-2010 02:21 PM


Originally Posted by KC KONG (Post 254500)
capita horrorscope if u can find one

if a local don't pull through...i will have a horrorscope for sale!

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