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BobbyDigital 02-15-2010 02:37 AM

K2 Jibpan and General Question
I checked out the guidelines, but I'm not sure if I am moving in the right direction. I'm looking for a park board specifically for jibbing, but something where I can still hit small or eventually medium sized kickers with. I'm still trying to improve my jumps (spotting my landing, speed checks, minimizing my arm movements, etc.) and I would still consider myself a noob at it, but I wanted a board to start jibbing with. I'm currently riding a 156 Park Pickle where I mainly use it for jumps, powder, and groomed runs. Basically, I wanted a park focused board to start learning how to hit jibs with, do ground tricks, and generally something easy to mess around with (to further extend my knowledge/skill on board control).

I'm 5'9" and 165-170ish (weight). I was thinking about getting a 150 or 153 Jibpan. Would a 150 be too short? I was thinking it may be too short for hitting jumps with (board might be a bit softer and get squirrely on the landing?). My question is, which size would be ideal for the goals that I want to accomplish (assuming that I fit the weight range of the board)? What would be the incentive (advantages/disadvantages) for picking one length over the other?

Any suggestions for another board (including length) or general advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

synthetic 02-15-2010 03:29 AM

at your weight both of those would be generally considered to small. i am 148 and looking at a 150-154 for a park board. of course that is a generalisation and you might love riding a 150 but as a general guideline i think for 170 its probably 158ish then + or - about 3cm based on what you want to do. the i dont have any personal experience with the jib pan but i have heard good things about it.
you want a med soft board based on what you are trying to achieve. i dont know what your definition of a "big" jump would be but a total noodle wouldnt be a very fun ride to take off of a >20ft jump. if i were you i would look at a 155-157ish board. maybe a capita stairmaster extreme, or a ns evo or look into arbour boards. also, for jumps dont look at rocker boards. they cause wash out based on my experience.

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