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burnnxs 02-20-2010 02:17 PM

Older k2 darkstar question .

I'm new to snowboarding and have only hit up the resorts here in Utah twice just this month. I really dig it. I have been borrowing an older k2 Darkstar from a friend. He offered to sell it for $70 with 08' Burton freestyle bindings, which have only been used 3 times.

The board feels good. I can link turns okay, although it's harder to turn heel side sharp, like I can toe side. I figure it's because I have no experience. Lol. I can brake very well , flat board ok...
The board is a 157 older k2 Darkstar.
I also own an old Burton floater. I can't remember the size, but it's up there. (159-160's?)

I ride goofy, I'm 5'9, 165 lbs, and I wear 10.5 Burton boots. What do you think of this setup for me ?
From what I have been reading, I think I want a 154 rocker style board, but maybe a little down the road.

Can anyone help me identify the board's age or in finding old reviews for the K2?

On the top of the board, it's flat black, has a k2 logo engraving on the rear half, Darkstar lettering in light gray with a red Anarchy circling the A, and a graphity looking circle with a gas masked looking dude outlined in gray.
On the belly of the board, it's all black with orange big blood-like drips on the middle upper half.

zk0ot 02-20-2010 03:28 PM

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the darkstar used to be a directional twin (theyve turned it into a twin park board nowadays)

the board is a for sure solid board. great for everything.

Extremo 02-20-2010 03:51 PM

That's got to be an old board...In 03 it was a frankenstien carrying a girl on the top sheet, in 04 it was black and white p-tex with like a nurse on it (I had this one) in 05 it was blue with a mountain scene and a wrestler on the top sheet, in 06 it was black or white with clouds on the bottom, in 07 it went to white with a stripe across the nose, (also limited edition colab that year in black with pink stripe, again I had this one), 08,09, and 2010 you can see on the web if you look them up. So I'd say by your description that it's either not a darkstar or a darkstar prior to 03.

burnnxs 02-21-2010 11:02 AM

I left the board at my buds place or I would post pics.
So what do you guys think about the setup that I have in mind ? (the 154 )

Extremo 02-21-2010 12:49 PM

The board is legit and worth $70 for sure if it's in good condition. The bindings are horrible but they'd be good to learn on and upgrade as you progress to more challenging terrain.

burnnxs 02-21-2010 01:43 PM

I'm thinking on selling my huge powder board real cheap and use the money towards a new k2 parkstar 152 maybe a 149.I'm leaning towards a shorter board all together. I'm gonna rent a short board and see how it feels... what do you think ?
I think the 157 its still a lil to big for me.As a comparison, I ride a 44 longboard and I would compare it too the 157 k2 darkstar vs maybe the 149 a reg skateboard ?

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