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itsapandemic 03-24-2010 12:27 AM

Another thread asking for advice...
So im snowboard shopping again and really need help on where I should look and get.

The Basics: 6'1"-2", weight: 155, boot size: 12. Currently riding a GNU carbon highbeam 159 with ride LX bindings. Im an experienced rider that can handle all mountain pretty well, however my skill level has plat-toed. I want to get into more park and get better at aerials, grinds/slides, and all around crazy stuff. So ive been researching more "parkish" boards and was curious on your thoughts. I would say my GNU is on the stiffer side and was curious if i should go softer, and also have a smaller board (ive seen so many charts that keep contradicting each other).

But the biggest question I have is: What companies / boards to look at, I havent kept up with the new boards and board manufactures and it seems to be so much to catch up on. advice would be mucho appreciated.

if I missed any important detail my bad ill add it if i did.

arsenic0 03-24-2010 03:20 AM

GNU/Lib, NS, Capita, Bataleon, etc all make some good park boards...

You probably want to size down a bit from a 159 for a park a 153-55 if i had to guess? I'd say shorter but your pretty tall with big boots...

Leo 03-24-2010 07:32 AM

155 Wide is a great size for you. Honestly, a 159 is too big for you. Unless you have an exceptionally wide stance, your height won't matter. It's your weight and boot size that play the biggest roles. At only 155lbs, a 159 is almost a powder board size for you. You could even go 154Wide if the stance allows it. For park boards, you want a softer flexing board that is also on the shorter side.

Brands to look at:

Lib Tech: Skate Banana, Skunk Ape BTX, Dark Series C2 BTX

GNU: Park Pickle, Carbon Credit BTX

Ride: Machete, DH2

Burton: Custom V-Rocker, Easy Livin Flying-V, Love

K2: ParkStar, DarkStar, World Wide Weapon Rocker

We only have these two boards in your size, but a great deal.


My favorite out of all of the above would have to be the Ride Machete. That board plain rips. Freestyle board, but it also dominates all-mountain.

NeverSummer is also a highly regarded brand, but you'll have to have others chime in on this one since I have never set foot on one.

gjsnowboarder 03-24-2010 08:33 AM


Originally Posted by itsapandemic (Post 278198)
Im an experienced rider that can handle all mountain pretty well, however my skill level has plat-toed.

For this part go take an upper level lesson from your local resort. Ask for a higher certified rider possible with a freestyle accredidation. They will be able to help you increase your skill level.

As far as park boards I have loved my Ride Kink board. With size 12 feet your need to look for a mid-wide to wide board. You might also check out the Custom v-rocker as I have heard great things about it. With your weight you should be able to drop down to 157ish for board length to help make spins easier but I wouldn't go to much smaller considering your height.

Leo 03-24-2010 08:49 AM

Unless his stance is over 25", I doubt he is going to have a problem with any of the above mentioned boards in 154-155 wide range.

I have a 23" stance width and all of the 154-155 boards that I rode from my list above accommodated my stance easily. Just one set of holes away from reference. There were still 3-4 more sets to widen my stance.

I understand you had a friend that had a problem with smaller sizes due to his height gjsnowboarder, but he was a rare exception. I still believe it had to do with the particular type of board more than any other factor.

I demoed all of the above boards in the 154-156 range. The widest I had to go was one set of holes out from reference to make it 23".

gjsnowboarder 03-24-2010 09:16 AM

Its not just about with "a" friend. There is a point of diminshing returns when you go shorter as a taller rider. It is due to the length of lever(body parts) in relation to Flex pattern of the board. A taller rider is able to flex a shorter board differently than a smaller rider. This also happens in the reverse when getting too long of a board. I've seen people try out to the extremes on both. And have tried this myself. In the case above the width of stance while important is not the most important aspect I was focusing on. If he goes to short he is going to loose stability for the bigger jumps and park features. Yes he could go down to a 155cm board in a wide and be fine but going that much smaller I personally would want to demo first.

Leo 03-24-2010 09:24 AM

I see. Well, in accordance to your thoughts, the flex of the board is affected by the riders weight, not height. On average, taller people can flex the same board as a shorter rider more easily because taller people in general tend to weigh more than shorter people.

But you are totally right about going shorter causes loss in stability no matter what. That is the trade-off. Shorter = more control, less stability. Longer = More stability, less control.

gjsnowboarder 03-24-2010 10:42 AM

Think about it this way. I want to change a flat tire. For my socket wrench due i use just the regular handle to start it off, or should I add a piece of pipe on to the handle to increase my leverage and impart more force to the lug? I can do the same on a board. for quicker smaller tilting of the board I might just use my ankle lever. But if I really want to tilt it up I'll use my knee in combination with the ankle. The problem that exists is that by nature taller people have longer levels, and depending on the board and what is trying to be performed can over leverage a smaller board a lot quicker. And its not just about being able to over leverage with a movement but with body placement as well. Hope this clears up a little better the angle I was coming at with answering this thread.

itsapandemic 03-24-2010 02:57 PM

Thanks for the information, it has helped a lot! Ive been already looking at the Ride Machete and possibley go that route. Regarding the width, im a 11.5-12 boot, i errored on the 12 becuase some boots im a 11.5 and others a 12. point is should I look at wide board still if down the road I have a boat that sizes me at 11.5 or should I stick to the reg? I havent really have had that much of an issue of toe touching expect riding switch.

itsapandemic 03-24-2010 04:29 PM

has anybody ridden the Nitro Team Snowboard 2010? THey have a good deal on one right now but its a 157W or a 152W, obviously the 152 is too small but curious on your guys opinion on the board and the height.

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