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w3iiipu 04-13-2010 10:55 PM

Women's snowboard sizing and bindings
Im helping a female friend of mine getting her own setup.

After some agonizing discussion, we've narrow down the board and boots:
Roxy Ollie Pop BTX 145
32 Prion Fast Track boots

Im a little concern if i size her board correctly.
She is about 5'7" and 100lb with 8 days under her belt. Just starting to link turns.

Will 145 be a good size for all mountain?Since the ollie pop is a rocker board...i am under the impression that we suppose to size it down when riding a rocker board?

Is there any suggestion on a women's all mountain bindings to get with the setup? Her boots are 7.5, should i be looking into size M or S bindings?

any help/comment is appreciated.
Glass bong

lilfoot1598 04-13-2010 11:13 PM

The Ollie Pop is a good choice, but 145 may be a bit long, especially for a beginner. I ride a 141 and a 143 all-mountain and I weigh 105.

Solid cost-effective bindings: Ride Vxn
More expensive, but higher quality all-mountain bindings: K2 Virtue, Burton Lexa, Rome Madison, Ride Dva
Each binding should come with a sizing chart....

Pistachio 04-13-2010 11:32 PM

I second that, a 145 may be a touch long for someone at 100 pounds. I would be looking at ~140. I was sizing a female friend who was 91 pounds and was aiming for a 136-138.

campfortune 04-13-2010 11:41 PM

what 5'7" at 100 lb? how is that possible? I am 5'2" and 120 lb and I still look quite skinny.

I know we should mainly use weight to decide the length of snowboard...but don't we need to consider height as well? isn't 145 too short for someone 5'7' ?

lilfoot1598 04-14-2010 12:16 AM

The question of the day: Is she really 100 pounds? ;) We do tend to...umm...stretch the truth a bit in that department....

Anyway, height figures in a little bit, but weight matters much more, along with riding style, rider preference, athletic ability, etc.

If she has been riding 8 days and is just now linking turns, err on the side of shorter. She'll be happier in the end and can always get a longer, stiffer board in a season or two if she decides she feels most at home ripping down double blacks.

w3iiipu 04-14-2010 12:38 AM

yea she is indeed tall and super skinny...

but since i cant find a 141 anywhere...would a 145 be totally out of question?

She will mainly be riding groomers, no park no jumps...

the reason i asked about bindings is cause her boot size(7.5) kinda puts her in btw a S(4-7) or M(7-11). So shud i go for smaller? or bigger?

wrathfuldeity 04-14-2010 09:11 AM

145 will be fine...she'll add some meat on the bone from ridin and once she starts rippin she'll appreciate a longer stick. As for 32 boots they are fit fairly big in bindings so get the larger of the two sized bindings Also, prion are entry level boots so they soften and pack out I would suggest going up a grade or two...32's also size think about a 1/2 or 1 size down from what she usually wares but it depends on the feel...but they pack out a bit. Love 32's...on my third pair, currently focus boas. My daughter rides a 144, 148 and 155 depending on conditions...she's 5'2" and 125, has 32 focus size 8.5 boots and loves her rome madisons med/lg size.

lilfoot1598 04-14-2010 07:50 PM

A 145 is not a deal breaker, especially since the Ollie Pop is a softer board. I know that the smaller sizes sell out quickly, so your choice is probably to take a small risk and get the 145 or wait until next season and get a slightly "safer" size, probably at full price.

Have you considered buying gently used from ebay or from forums on sierra, etc.? I bought four boards before finding the right one and it would have saved a lot of money if I had bought used instead of new....

Rufus 04-15-2010 10:37 AM

Check out the Burton Lexa bindings at Sierra, they had the 2009 for $40. My daughter is riding the 2010 Lexa and very happy with it, I also bought her a pair of 2009s since they were so cheap. My daughter wears a size 7.5 boot and the large Lexa works great.

Leo 04-15-2010 12:40 PM

Since you are in Michigan, I am going to throw this into the air... is owned and operated by Summit Sports which is a Michigan based business. There are 6 Summit Sports stores throughout Michigan and 1 Don Thomas Sport Haus in Birmingham.

With that said, we are low on our current stock of snowboards so I can't link you to good ones for her size. For her weight, a 138-143 are the perfect sizes for her. 145 is a bit large for her. I would normally say it will be fine, but knowing the slope conditions in Michigan (lots of ice and hardpack, very rare powder days), she will have some difficulty learning on it. Once she does learn though, she should be able to ride it. Trust me though, the moment she steps onto a smaller board, she will definitely notice the difference.

The Roxy Ollie Pop is an excellent board especially with the BTX tech which will own the icey conditions that we are so used to here. 138-140 sized boards are hard to find. The best luck you will have with those sizes will be under girls boards rather than adults, but that is going to really limit the choices as kids' boards are usually built to be more forgiving.

Your girl is indeed rather light for her height lol. Anyway, she'll be able to ride the 145. It'll just take a little more effort in the learning department. If you can find any in a smaller size, that would be great.

As for her bindings, she will normally fall under mediums. Make sure you check the manufacturer's sizing charts though because they do fluctuate between brands. Here are some good ones that we still have in stock:

Ride DVa Womens Snowboard Bindings 2010

Flow Essence Womens Snowboard Bindings 2010

Burton Lexa Womens Snowboard Bindings 2010

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