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filoux51 12-02-2010 09:52 AM

First board and some questions
Good morning everyone,

I am coming to you because I am going to buy my first board and I have some questions for you. I spent some time on the Internet to find answer, I also went to a store to have some info but I am not quite satisfied by what I've heard. Maybe you will be more helpful ;)

First off, I used to ski since I am 4 years old but I stopped at the age of 14. I moved in the Us last year and I always wanted to try snowboarding. So, for my first winter here, I tried it and completely loved it.
As you know, renting equipment is expensive and that's why I want to have my own.

My snowboarding experience:
- I have snowboard maybe 5 days in my life (early this year)
- I wen down all of the hills (Of course I fell a couple of times)
General experience:
- I've always been good at sports
- I learn pretty quickly (even my friends were suprised when I start snowboarding)
- I like experiencing new cool stuff

About me:
- I am a young man
- 5"5 tall
- weight: 130 lbs
- Shoe size: 6

I think now you have a lot of information about me so let's talk about what I would like:
- snowboard easy to use
- be able to try some tricks :Park and later on, Half-pipe. If I need another board for the half-pipe, then it will wait I got more experience to go there ;)
- I don't really care for speed right now, I want to be able to control the board easily to progress quickly, then I will work on the speed

The board I was Aiming:
- K2 Brigade
The problem:
- It comes only on: 147cm, 152cm & more
I wanted a short board but I heard that 147cm might be too short for me and that a 150cm will fit me better.

In a shop a guy told me that the Burton TWC 150cm was a good fit for my needs but I was not very satisfied by his explanation. then, I looked online and the Burton is the directionnal board when the K2 is a twin board.

I think that a twin board will be best for me. I hope I've been clear and that you will have all of the info to help me buying my first board.

Have a nice day,

filoux51 12-02-2010 08:16 PM

Nobody to help me with this ?!

Magnum626 12-02-2010 08:47 PM

Just curious where you are orignally from. Not that it matters. Also how old are you?

At that height and size boots I'm assuming you're gonna be growing more in the next year or so. I personally am not familiar with the board type but you're still gonna be learning this season. If you're set on park riding then look for that twin tip and get the 147 and start from there. I don't think it'll be too small for someone your height and weight.

Who knows how you might want the board to feel as you progress. You might want a totally different setup for next season. You can always sell this board and use the $$ towards what you want.

filoux51 12-02-2010 08:55 PM


I am from France and I am 24 which means that I won't grow up anymore :(

I looked at some boards today and a 147cm is right at the bottom of my chin (I heard that I should choose a board between my chin and my nose).

I really don't know what to choose because I am scared that the 147cm will be too small and that I will get bored easily with it.

I am going to look at different shops tomorrow after work and maybe I will get more help but thanks for the reply :thumbsup:

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