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Rick Moranis 12-02-2010 10:37 AM

Rome Agent (Camber) vs Flow Team vs NS SL-R
Any input on these? SL-R owners, can you compare the stability of the board at high speeds (especially flat basing) vs more traditional cambered boards?

TBC 12-02-2010 11:32 AM

I went from an Option Signature (cambered) to the SLR (RC). At first I was skeptical about the RC hype and how stable it makes the board. After a few runs I really did notice a diffence, but I also reserved the thought it may just be psychological. Several days of riding in, I realized how much of a difference the RC makes in certain conditions. Flat basing on groomers when its icy or hard packed was like riding through silk. The board never chattered and was extremely stable at high speeds. It also tended to float a little better because the nose of the board sits a little higher off (less pressure on the ground at the nose) and the tail mostly anchors you and gives you that stability (keep in mind your binding stance has a lot to do with stability as well). I lost a lot of confidence in my riding when I'd enter flat icy groomers because I really bit it a lot on that Option (and a few others that I rode prior), or came close to biting it. It got me nervous, and I'm well into intermediate status on my worst day. I also noticed the SL was quite poppy and very forgiving when I wanted to get playful. I found it a little harder to press than I expected, but I think thats more to do with my own ability and technique. When people say the SL is built like a tank, they weren't lying. Now if I was predominantely a park rider, I wouldn't be on this board but I'm a good 70% all mountain 30% park and that park number is increasing every year (why I'm considering a second board like an Evo).

I liked the SL so much, that I bought another one (2010). Of course I sold my previous board. To give you an idea of what that says, I play a lot of sports, and I normally like to try different gear on (skates, gloves, snowboards, goggles etc). There are only 2 pieces of equipment that I will be happy to stick with. 1) My TPS Response hockey stick 2) Never Summer SL-R boards.

I feel like I should be posting this in the board review thread, but I hope this helps you out.

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