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Track11 12-13-2010 04:53 PM

Confused Beginner
I'm a size 10 snowboard boot, 160 lb., and 6'0". I recently purchased a salomon titan 2010 model because it was a good buy, it was my type of board (tapered directional for all mountain riding), its weight capacity was 130-175 lb. and boot size up to 29.5 centimeters.

I did some more research online after making the purchase and found out the board is narrow for size 10. I thought it wasn't because it says on the sticker on the back of the board that it can work with up to a size 11.5 mens boot (29.5 cm), and my boot size would be 28 cm. I don't know why salomon says this board could work with a size 11.5 boot if its narrow even for a size 10. The actual waist width of the board is 247 mm.

So my main worry is, can I make this board work? I know it won't be ideal and that's ok. The board I can't return because it's last years model but I can get any low to mid priced boots/bindings to make it work.

I also have a quick question regarding the boot size. On the sticker it says boot size/pointure (mondopoint) and the corresponding values are 255/295. I know the pointure (mondopoint) is the boot's measurement in cm or in this case mm (295), but what is the boot size exactly (the 255 measurement)? Any suggestions would be great, thank you. :)

Xelorz 12-13-2010 05:46 PM

throw your bindings on, throw your boots on, strap into the board on carpet where you have room. Lean on your toe and heel edge. Does it look like it your going to have any drag? Simple enough.

Track11 12-13-2010 06:00 PM

I don't have boots/bindings yet that's the problem. Plus I wouldn't be able to tell if I would have drag or not, I'm not experienced enough.

I did some calculations using a guide on this forum to make this easier for anyone who wants to help me, I'm thinking I just have to adjust binding angles, but I don't know what angles to use :(

Barefoot measurements
10.25 inches=26.04 cm

Salomon Titan 158 2010 width measurements (at middle of inserts)
Nose: 9 13/16 inches=9.8125 inches=24.92 cm
Tail: 9 11/16 inches=9.6875 inches=24.61 cm

Barefoot should should at least match this measurement or exceed it by up to 1 cm.

Nose: 26.04-24.92=1.12 cm (.12 cm above overhang limit)
Tail: 26.04-24.61=1.43 cm (.43 cm above overhang limit)

DoubleT77 12-13-2010 06:29 PM

I'm not an expert like some other people on here but if your barefoot is longer than the width of the board, I would think that's a bad thing.

If the store won't do anything I would try writing to Salamon and tell them what you have discovered. The board is new even if it's last years model. Maybe they will give you a refund for having the wrong stats listed for the board? Might be worth a shot.

xMeese 12-13-2010 08:17 PM

dude i'm not an expert or anything but I just did a bunch of research and bought a board for myself and I'm pretty sure a size ten boot on a 24.7 cm wide board should not cause any noticeable problems at all..

Dano 12-13-2010 08:43 PM

You want a little overhang on your toe and heel to give you leverage over your edges. If your board is 24.7 cm and your boots are 28 cm you should be fine, that's only approx 1.5 cm on each side once you're centered. Overhang will also decrease once you mount bindings on it because the boots will be an additional inch off the deck, and your bindings will be set slightly diagonal on the board instead of straight across once you dial in your angles. I think you're over thinking things dude

Try angles at +15 -15, pretty standard ducked stance. You can play with them from there

Dano 12-13-2010 08:49 PM

And don't cheap out on boots! They are the most important part of your setup and they will make or break your day. Buy boots local and try every brand you can on because they'll all fit your foot differently, you gotta find the brand that works best for you. Get them heat molded and wear them around your house for a few hours before you take them to the hill. This will give you a good indication how they'll feel for you, and if they suck you can take them back (why you buy local). Once you find a exact model of boot you like, research how they'll packout before you settle on a final size

United 12-14-2010 11:23 AM

You can definitely gain some room by putting some risers between your binding and board. They can be hard to find but if you are good at making stuff they are easily made. It is just basically a block that raises the binding and boot up away from the edge of the board. A 1/2" vertical riser will give you a lot mor space before dragging the heel or toe.

mbesp 12-14-2010 01:37 PM

I have size 12 boots and before I really knew much about sizing I was riding a 24.7 or 24.9 and almost never had any problems. now i ride a 25.2 with zero issues.

I think you will be just fine with that board.

Track11 12-14-2010 04:00 PM

Thanks for all the help everyone I feel better now haha. And I'll be sure to buy good boots too :)

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