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A_Strad 02-07-2011 03:56 PM

*~Help Choosing 1st Board/New Board~*
Hey everyone,
Thanks for reading this. I'm looking into getting into the sport of snowboarding pretty seriously because I went this weekend and loved it. I was shreddin' pretty smooth all day with no problems and where I'm going to college there is a mountain not even 40 miles away. So I'll be spending plenty of weekends up there with a season pass next year. Anyways, I was wondering if you knowledgeable people would like to help me on my first board purchase? Now I don't have unlimited money to spend but am definately looking into a serious and quality setup. I'm between 6'3" and 6'4" tall and right now I'm 200 lbs, but probably will be ranging anywhere from 190-195 to a seriously outta shape max of 205. I wear at max a size 12 boot as this weekend I wore a 12 and there was a little wiggle room but I was cumfy all day, usually I wear an 11.5 shoe though so I'll have 2 try be4 I buy boots lol. By the way I'll be purchasing on the web for savings and convenience so I really need 2 get this as close 2 perfect my 1st time around. I'm really wanting an all-mountain board that's probably around a 7 of 10 on stiffness? I'll probably have 2 have wide board too right? But anyways, all-mountain board that's twin direction because I like switching between fakie and regular, I want the board to have fairly aggressive styling too not only for looks but I really want an agile board. I DEFINATELY want it to be able to handle alot of jumping but nothing like 50 ft of air lol, so it has to be able to hold it's own in the park. Basically, what it sounds like I want is a really stiff, wide, freestly board. I was thinking along the lines of the Burton Custom? But I don't know the variations between the customs, and I know I can get alot of bang for the buck with other brands, this board has 2 last too because I won't have limitless spending for boarding in college! Thanks everyonefor hte help and suggestions are cool with me!

A_Strad 02-08-2011 04:06 PM

Plz help me!!! 6' 3" to 4", 200 Lbs and size 11.5 to 12 boot! What's your favorite all mountain board?

DoubleT77 02-08-2011 04:45 PM


Originally Posted by A_Strad (Post 372441)
Plz help me!!! 6' 3" to 4", 200 Lbs and size 11.5 to 12 boot! What's your favorite all mountain board?

If you want to save money you should get something from last years models or wait a little while longer for this years stuff to go on sale. Then come to the forum with the deals you've found and I'm sure you'll get more responses.

There have been a lot of posts lately stating pretty much what you've jsut said. jsut look through a few others with similar titles and I'm sure you will get some suggestions.

Oh and check out There's lots of info on that site.

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