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tj_ras 02-16-2011 12:11 PM

The only board Spec help thread ill post
Ill start out by saying i read and understand the info in the stickied posts on this matter this is just to fill in the grey areas in wich i found while reading....

This mainly concerns the boards "waist width" in comparison to boot size. Now from my understanding most info i read says to not worry about going to a "wide" board unless your bare foot size is 12 or more inches. I ware a size 10 boot wich is a size 10 bare foot but the entire boot overall is 12 inches, now acording to what ive read the ideal over hang is 1/2inch both heel/toe to give proper leverage.

Next step was you must know the waist width of the board (im gonna use the flow team as my example board becuase it is the one im strongly considering) to Compare widths. The flow team 157 has a waist with in inches aproximatly 9.8 inches if i recall correctly( im using my iphone so i cant look up exact specs) wich barefoot gives me almost no overhang heel toe but with the boot overall size being a 12 that would give me aprox. an inch heel toe overhang. So im over the ideal 1/2inch heel toe overhang by a 1/2 inch on both doubleing the ideal spec.

So my question is how un ideal is the inch heel toe overhang? I will be mainly useing the board for park and ocasionaly rideing the slopes with my friends who dont like the park. The 157 is the ideal board length for me according to hieght but according to wieght i should be on a smaller board, 5'11" 120nude 127 geard up. So going bigger in length isnt an option to increase waist width.

Thank you in advance for any responses, like i said this will probly be the only question i ask on board specs, and im sorry for the lengthyness of the read i tried to break it up to make it easier and i appologize for any spelling/sentence errors, typeing all this on an iphone isnt an easy task.

tj_ras 02-17-2011 11:08 AM

bump, anyone help me out? would like to order a board within the next couple days.

Smokehaus 02-17-2011 11:26 AM

I just read that like 3 times and still am not fully sure what is going on.

Are you worried about how big your boots will be in relation to the size of you foot without boots on and if this will cause problems with your board?
If you are a size 10 foot then most of the time you will go down a boot size for snowboarding.
If the latter is correct then you should have no problem with waist width on a new board with size 10 boots or smaller.

Also at 120lbs 157 might be a touch long for some, but just check the weight specs of the board and know what you will be riding with it which can influence board length selection.

Leo 02-17-2011 11:31 AM

You are forgetting that your feet do not sit on the middle of the board where the waist width is the smallest. Your feet will be on the insert points away from the sidecut's center. This means the board is wider at those points. So you might have an inch overhang on the direct center of the board, but it will be less when you measure at the points where your feet will actually lie.

You are also measuring in a way that suggests your feet will be at 0 angles. The more angle you rock, the less overhang you will have.

You have a size 10 boot, don't worry about a wide period. I have a size 10 boot that is high profile, and I can ride boards in the 152-155 range without overhang issues.

tj_ras 02-17-2011 11:42 AM

@smokehaus: thank you for replying and sorry i wasnt completly clear on the question, i should have re read it to make sure the question was clear but leo understood what i was asking and answered my question.

@leo: thank you very much for clearing that up for me. I just wanted to be sure i didnt need a wide board. As for angle i currently run -3/+6 as thats a comfortable stance for me since its near how i used to ride my skateboard.

baldylox 02-17-2011 12:45 PM

The waist width is not the width of the board where the boots are. It'll be a little wider under your bindings. How much depends on the sidecut radius. Also, you won't be riding 0,0 binding angles. It sounds like you'll be fine.

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