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BeezNeez 03-08-2011 06:28 PM

Question on Bevelling
Hey guys, I've only snowboarded a couple times and really enjoyed it so decided to buy some equipment while the discounts are here. I bought a 2011 GNU Carbon Credit 156. The board comes with a 0 base and 90 side. I've read some threads on beveling and I see that GNU has a special tool for side beveling their magnetraction boards here. From my understanding, this tool will bevel the side in either 88 or 90.

I am curious as a beginner who eventually wants to be able to do rails (but probably not for another season or two), if you were me, which recommendation from Snowolf's thread here would you use?

1 base and use the 90 degree side for a 91 degree angle or a 2 base and a 88 degree side? What I'm thinking of is do a 1 base and 90 side and when I'm ready to try mix in rails, change it to a 2 base and 88 side.

Any input/feedback would be much appreciated.

jtchompy 03-08-2011 06:56 PM

if im correct the carbon credit has magnetraction, which i have heard from my friends allows you to file down your edges for rails, and still have the edge hold for mountain riding. my board has a 2 degree bevel, not sure which way, i just took it into the shop and told them what i wanted and they knew what i meant. its good for park but i can definitely feel a disadvantage when the snow is hard.

twin89 03-08-2011 07:22 PM

I have in the past beveled my edges to help from edge catching on rails, but i have found that it doesn't really make that much of a difference.
If you are going to ride rails, you should file them, which is what i just did, and it makes a big difference on rails. I loose a little bit of grip on ice, but not much. Just get a bastard file when you are ready to ride rails and take off a little bit of the edge at a time, then ride and see how it feels, that way you can stop when you like it.

The key is just to take a little off at a time. With a new file, you really don't need to put much pressure on the edge to take some off, so just take light passes, while taking off more in between the bindings, and less at your contact points.

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