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que 03-13-2011 11:44 AM

another board question (Rossignol One MagTek )
the people on this forum are very knowledgeable, patient and seem cool in general so i thought i might bother you with another boring "should i get this board?" question.

i am 30 and started snowboarding this year. I became very addicted to it. i went about 20 times (in PA) and felt like i progressed decently. i had a friend bring me home from Massachusetts a technine 161 board with like a sphinx looking lion thing on top and technine in white on black backround on the bottom. i couldnt find any information online about it but tried many times. really liked the board but i am really wanting to get something newer for next season.

anyway a forum goer named toecutter put up a link for this board and i fell in love with it immediately

here is my riding style, progession and hopeful aspirations. i pretty much enjoy the entire mountain experience. i like the carving, getting some speed and going off little jumps and dropoffs. on the other hand i like to do a little bit of the park stuff too. basic grinds, little spins, grabs etc.

i got into doing some basic grinds on boxes and things. i could also get some decently high straight airs and was about to start trying some grabs. actual carving is something i feel i can do really well. can ride switch comfortably down blues. could pop ollies and spin 180's but the board seemed stiffer and seemed heavier than i want.

my goal for next season is to get more refined in all aspects of riding. i want to improve my freeriding skills but also be able to do a little more in the park. my limit for park riding will probably stop at maybe a 360 grab and a few ok grinds. i guess i just want to be a well rounded rider.

i think i may like this board even better but i cant figure out if the 157 is too small for me (6'0 165lbs). i am wondering if the 157 will be ok for the all mountain riding but also help me with spinning and be capable of getting my grind on :cool: suggestions? recommendations?

sorry, i get long winded but thanks for any input.
Edit: after some more reading about it i will probably just go with the 159

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