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Default Intermediate Snowboarder needing help....

Brand new to the board, and have some questions that I need help with. I'm 5'11, 180, and a boot size of 11.

I have been riding for about 3 years now, and this was the first year I actually bought a board. Was on the K2 Raygun all year, with Cinch CTC bindings. Went to Utah and Colorado only this past year, and that's where I will mostly be going forward.

I really liked the Raygun, but as I got really comfortable with the board, I found that I wanted to go faster, but the board tops out. I also want more edge hold in the ice and hardpack.

So here is where I need help. I want to step up a board in terms of speed. I really just cruise around the mountain, and never enter the park. Just starting to get better a jumping, so wanting a board that can progress in that department as well, but mainly I really like going fast down groomed runs, as well as powder.

The things I am looking for are more speed, better edge grip (if it was ever icy, my edge was washing, and would wash some on hard pack in the morning). What I don't want to lose is the stability (this thing never caught an edge when just cruising, and was very easy to pick up speed without chatter), ability to make quick small turns, as well as longer carves, and the ability to do some jumping. It was also a lighter board, and would love to stay light as well, instead of getting heavier.

***Quick sidebar - demo'd the K2 Turbo Dream, thinking it was the natural progression. Traded in and out throughout the day with the Raygun. The crazy thing was (and the Turbo Dream was pretty much brand new), the Raygun actually held an edge better in the same conditions. I was suprised. Turbo Dream was much faster, and satisfied that side of things, but the Raygun in the hardpack actually held better. So Turbo Dream for me is out.

So here is the list I have come up with based off reviews,, and Angry Snowboarder.

1) Lib Tech T Rice Pro C2 BTX
2) Lib Tech Jamie Lynn
3) Lib Tech TRS
4) Never Summer SL
5) Never Summer Heritage
6) Never Summer Proto
7) Yes Optimistic
8) Capita BSoD
9) K2 Slayblade

Just going on straight reviews, all of these boards appear to have great edge hold, flexibility to manuever in sharp turns, powder, or just bombing runs.

So here is where I need your help. Knowing my riding style, and knowing that I am still intermediate (sounds like T Rice Pro and Capita Black Snowboard of Death could be a little aggressive for me still), and knowing the qualities that I liked in the Raygun (for those that have riden it), can you point me in the right direction? Am I missing the target completely? Should I be looking at more freeride boards unlike my all Mountain Raygun?

Thanks in advance!
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Bump....maybe too wordy. I had a Raygun this year. Which board would take all those features, but go faster, and have better edge hold?
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After only riding fro 3 seasons, I doubt your board is holding you back speed wise. As long as you keep your board waxed, the speed differences among boards will be negligible.

Regarding your question, I have a old TRS and love it. The basse is extruded, so it isn't the fastest, but it is definitely "fast enough" for me whose been riding for 10 years. Edgehold is great with the MTX and I almost never lose an edge even on ice.
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Edge hold would be the thing I want to upgrade. You never know what conditions you are getting when you plan trips in advance.

I guess it's good to clarify days vs years. I snowboard about 20 days per year in Colorado and Utah. So I have about 55 under my belt.

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Originally Posted by crazyface View Post
After only riding fro 3 seasons, I doubt your board is holding you back speed wise. As long as you keep your board waxed, the speed differences among boards will be negligible.
I'd disagree (sort of) in the case of extruded vs sintered. When I went from my Morrow Lithium to my NS Heritage, there was an immediate difference. Not that the top end was that much higher (maybe 10%?) but the acceleration (or lack of drag) was much better, so I'd get up to top speed limited by wind resistance much more quickly.

I will say that the new board significantly upped my game, but the difference in quality between the Morrow and the NS is significant. Don't know about the OP's board(s).

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I've ridden the Raygun and the Lib Dark Series (similar to the T Rice) so I can speak to those two.

The T Rice will be faster because it's a sintered base and it's stiffer. Stiffer doesn't mean more speed, but handles speed better. The c2BTX will hold the edge much better than the Raygun's all-terrain rocker.

I enjoyed the Raygun when I rode it, but mostly enjoyed it in soft snow with tight turns (mostly in the trees) and didn't like it as much when carving faster on the hard pack back to the lift.

I rode the c2BTX and pretty much loved everything it did. Great edge hold, real quick turns and good float in the powder. I was even having fun tearing down some moguls on my way to the powder in the trees.

I'm willing to bet you would love any of the Lib or NS decks you listed. NS's RC is similar to the C2 and their edges have a little extra tech to help with edge hold.

I've heard some good things about the Slayblade and heard its great for riding fast. But from the way it's been described to me, I think the C2 or RC boards would ride more fun.

Don't know much of anything about the Yes or Capita.
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There is no way that the Raygun held a better edge. The TD is stiffer, more damp, and has harshmellow. Stability is a non-issue with this board. Edge hold is definitely better than a Raygun in my opinion. It could be the speed of the board that threw you off. I'm not an expert by any means, but the TD threw me off my first few days on it. The speed you can obtain on this thing is crazy.

But yea, I did find icey situations where I got leg rocking chatter. Never washed out due to it though. The Raygun definitely made me wash out on steep icey runs.

With that said, out of your list, I recommend the T.Rice or the Heritage. I have a preference for Never Summer over Lib Tech now. This is mainly because I like their RC tech and monster durability(carbonium) better. However, they have a more pronounced rocker in the middle so it's definitely going to feel different from your Raygun at first. You can lay down a mean carve though on NS boards. That's my favorite characteristic about RC tech. Doesn't feel like you can lay down a carve because of the rocker section, but when you engage it, it bites.

The T.Rice is Stiffer, but the Heritage offers lots of dampening. If you want a step up in stiffness for an NS board, get the Raptor.

By the way, Carbonium topsheet is a beast.
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I'm really intrigued by the Optimistic. I'm 5'11 180 with an 11 boot, and the local shop has a 156 and 159. Leaning to the 156. Anyway, they are on sale at 40% off. The price alone, plus the positive reviews, make me want one. Thoughts from anyone? Size, should I be good at 156?
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I'm about your size, I currently own a 156 and 159 and while the boards are designed much differently the size difference is noticeable. If you plan on dabbling in the park I suggest the 156, if not, a 159 with camber and some rocker in the corners might be the way to go. Check out the Ride DH2's. My standard DH is very stable, has good grip, great pop and slays big Eastcoast park jumps, but it's classic camber so it is prone to catching an occasional edge.
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Originally Posted by crazyface View Post
After only riding fro 3 seasons, I doubt your board is holding you back speed wise. As long as you keep your board waxed, the speed differences among boards will be negligible.
I would disagree with this. How fast someone progresses is really dependent on the person.

Anyways, your style on the mountain sounds a lot like mine. I actually have never used any of those boards so take it with a grain of salt. But I've been looking at the NS heritage a lot since it really seems to suite me; I will be pick one up this coming season too.
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