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kr00ked 02-16-2008 12:01 AM

Hey tell my friend something
My friend is being stubborn and after going snowboarding once he is going to buy a board, and /or has already bought one tonight. I tell him that if he can't even ride down a hill he just ruined an investment. And don't get me wrong, hes a good person, just very stubborn. he doesn't know what detuning is. And he can't control himself very well and will fuck his board up very fast. Also he was planning on buying an arbor board and you know how expensive those r. so just repost agreeing or disagreeing (i don't know why you would disagree.:dunno:) and ill show my friend this post. it's pissing me off.

Oh and he also said that he might not buy a board but just buy boots so he can use my board to shred street spots. haha exact words. fuck no!

Mr. Right 02-16-2008 12:18 AM

Hmm, I disagree with the board choice. I bought a board after my 6th time snowboarding but the fist time I went more then once in 2 years if that makes any sense (I finally decided to commit to it and spend the cash). I bought an M3 Discord from for $175 with free shipping, an M3 poster and a free World Industries back pack... Would I ever have dreamt of spending $400, $300 or even more than $225 on a board, no. I had no idea what I need, was getting into, or even what I wanted so I bought a tried and true beginner board. Needless to say, I have ridden that board maybe 6 times in the last two seasons (been riding for 3). It is not what I desire in a board now unless there is powder because it is too big and pretty stiff as well. It taught me how to ride, and I moved to a board that cost more and was tailored a little more to my needs as I had learned them. Don't buy a board like that for your first unless you have plenty of board money because although a sick board, it may not be what you want in less than 1/2 a season and why spend the cash. Other than that, I agree that if you are dedicated to riding buy a less expensive beginner board. You will progress faster not being on a different board every single time, especially rental equipment that gets beat on and the settings of bindings get changed almost daily for boot sizes (makes for some sloppy bindings over time). You also won't end up with a $400 piece of wood + binding cost that doesn't work for you. That is all. I think I've posted too many times tonight but I'm stoked on finding all the stashed pow at Loveland in approximately 9 hours :laugh: Blabbing over.

I must say as well, buying a pair of boots first might be his best bet. If your feet are uncomfortable what good is a $400+ board?

dmoss 02-16-2008 09:11 AM

Buying your own boots is a great idea...

As for the board, that's more of a personal wife and I decided to buy boards after two times out...we both were progressing well and decided renting boards each week was just adding a cost to buying a board at the end of the season. We did not destroy out boards and they are still in really good shape. Also, with all the sales right now it might not be a bad time to buy. I also found that having my own board made it easier to get better - using the same equipment week to week and getting used to the feel...

As for board choice, I got an Arbor Alt for my first board and love it. People told me it might be too stiff, but that has definitely not been the case. The bamboo top sheet on the Alt is awesome - very "snappy" for lack of a better term. Although I spent a bit more on it, EMS is having a sale right now and most Arbor boards are 50% off. That means the Alt is $250 (GREAT price!) and the Formula (their entry level board, which I would not recommend because most riders will outgrow it in one full season and there are better values elsewhere) is something like $150-175.

This is just my two cents...and that's not worth much...but you asked

PaoloSmythe 02-16-2008 09:35 AM

i disagree

i bought a snowboard before i had ever even been to a mountain, let alone learnt how to ride on one!
i didn't fuck it up, in fact it lasted many seasons.

your friend may not know what detuning is... but so what?
he can send it to the shop for what ever tuning.... he can read a book or a www page like this and find out all he needs.

i don't understand why you would care what your friend does, as long as you can go ride together then just be glad for having friends who enjoy the same stuff as you. altho to be honest, i reckon you are just jealous and that you would want to be able to splash the cash on a board of your choice.

this certainly ain't anything to get pissed off about.

but i would agree that if you can only buy one or the other between board or boots, i would get the boots first. every time.

and as for lending your board to him. well if you don't want to, then don't. your board is like your bird... you get to ride her and ONLY YOU. :D

Flick Montana 02-16-2008 11:56 AM

I bought a board, boots and bindings after my first time out. Rome Anthem for $250, Arsenal Bindings for $120 and DK IV boots for $130. That's a lot of dough to drop on something you've tried once. I can't say anything since I did exactly what he's doing, hehe.

Minger 02-16-2008 12:16 PM

After going once, I bought my Forum board, Burton Freestyle Boots and Missions...all for 335. I havn't thrashed the stuff yet, and it was worth it.

And I've skiied for like 6 years prior to this, so I had some idea what I was getting myself into.

SUPERGILDO 02-16-2008 01:09 PM

I say let him do whatever he wants. As long as he is having fun and getting out in the snow, you should have no worry about his wallet...

duke_fann 02-16-2008 01:09 PM

I went once and rented. I didnt go the rest of the season because i couldnt get anyone else to go with me. Next season rolls around, i finally hook up with some people who go normally and are very good. I decide to buy a package for around 260. Basically if he plans on going out and using the board i dont see the big deal. I knew i was gonna go out to the slopes atleast 10 times. Ive since past it, and still in my first real season, i bought a new setup thats geared towards my riding style

if he plans on using it, there shouldnt be a problem

aka22 02-16-2008 01:55 PM

i bought my setup before i ever tried snowboarding. i knew i was gonna love it.

kimo 02-16-2008 03:34 PM

i bought a board after my first time also. it was a nitro storm 155 with burton freestyle bindings. it lasted for 5 seasons and i loved it.

tell your friend not be stingy when it comes down to buying a pair of boots and bindings.

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