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chaostik 02-17-2008 06:37 AM

Board Advice
Hi all,

Hoping for some input on my first snowboard & bindings purchase - any and all help appreciated. Here goes, hope I don't miss anything relevant:

- I first boarded in 2004. I had 4 one hour lessons in a real snow indoor slope before that holiday and have just made my own way since. Been for a week each year (bar one) since '04.

- Decided to buy my own boots in 2005, which were Salomon F24, 2005 model (these: Salomon F24, 2005 - Review - Crazy SnowBoarder . com). They continue to serve me well because they don't get heavy wear, so I'd like to keep them both for comfort and budget reasons. I mention this because my understanding is that they're very short and low size-for-size by most boot standards (?)

- I enjoy cruising round and am not particularly a speed freak, nor a park freak. I like to try the straight-forward jumps over mounds etc at the edges of the piste for fun, but nothing insane. I do blue runs very confidently, red are ok and get down blacks "in one piece", though not without protest!

My stats (lol) ...

Age: 28
Sex: Male
Full Height: 174cm or 68.5in or 5ft 8.5in
Height to Nose: 159cm or 62.5in or 5ft 2.5in (not sure if this is relevant?)
Weight: approx 65kg or 143lbs or 10st 4lb
Boots: size 9 UK or 43.5 EU or 9.5 US or 27.5cm, Salomon F24
Budget: mid-range
Destination: nearly always Europe ... Les Arcs, France this year
Home: United Kingdom ... so I'd like something I can get here before going out
Ride: right foot forward (goofy?)

If I missed anything out just shout ... I'd really like to get this as right as I can and am more than happy to clarify anything. Recommendations on good online stores appreciated too (not sure if forum rules allow that? Some don't)



chaostik 02-18-2008 04:24 AM

Nobody able to help? :confused:

If the question is too specific, then perhaps people could perhaps make general suggestions - I'm largely in the dark.

For example ... do I go for a more flexible or stiffer board? The hire ones always seemed heavy and stiff, but I've no idea the consequences of a flexible board given my current ability and boarding style.

What's the Salomon Drift like? Just looking at the Salomon website (since my boots are Salomon) that looked ok on price and the marketing speak seemed ok - but who trusts that? lol

What about Flow bindings or the more regular bindings? I like the idea of Flow, but why don't you see more people in them? Can those bindings go on any snowboard? Would they be a problem with my boots?

Also - what length and width board do I need for my stats? I've variously heard the board should come up to your nose, while others say use a chart based on weight.

Help! :eek: Seriously - anything to get me started would be a massive help.



mitchamus 02-18-2008 06:01 AM

cant go wrong with a BURTON AIR and burton Mission bindings. this would be a nice intermediate setup imo.
size maybe around a 156.

Metalhead505 02-18-2008 11:53 AM

The Burton Air or Burton Royal you cant go wrong with, they both are All-Mountain boards and both cost $399.95 retail. About the Flow bindings, I have them and I like them ALOT, they are nice, fast and easy to load into. The only down fall is you cant sit down on the ground and load, you have to sit on a chair or stand up, but they are well werth it imo, yes they can go onto any board. You need a board based on weight, and for you would need somthing sized around 153-157.

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