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Ballistic 07-07-2011 09:35 PM

which of your boards saw most rides this year?
I knowit depends on some factors like maybe what kinda riding you plan for the day or snow conditions. I am freerider, very little park. I have 3 pairs of Burton Co2 bindings... 2 est type and one non-est for the Libtech. I really like CO2.. if you want really stiff supportive binders they do that easily. Less stiff? just loosen them a bit. I usually brought 2 boards in my truck and i would swap boards part way in the day if i felt like mixing it up.
Heres what i rode this year, in order of most ride time/favorite all around stick descending to least ride time:

1) 2011 banana magic 157: this board truly does all things really well. I selected it on ice days for its superior ice hold. Pow days it rocked. In the trees.. cause its 157... lightweight and shorter, the rocker profile follows natural terrain so easy. I dont think i caught an edge even once all season on this deck. Its fast, poppy, its a dream machine. its big fat nose made it float easily in deep pow. For all-around, multi purpose fun factor this board is winner.

2). 2010 supermodel X 164: i bought this one used from a member of team Canada snowboard National team. Thier team ordered a whole whack of these from the Burton custom shop. It has an all black race-base, all black top sheet and some other tweeks, but the story here is the race-base. This thing is FAST FAST FAST. The racebase a $50.00 upgrade . The team wax techs waxed and brushed this thing many many dozens of times. Easily the fastest board i have ever ridden. In slow sections on the mnt where others were hopping along and skiers pushing along with thier poles, i would sail right on past never a problem . I LOVE that about this board. This board carves better than the nana magic, is faster, and had pretty good edge hold. For big mtn this deck is #1 on my list but for day to day all mtn.. it came in a close second.

3) burton custom X 164- last yr i rode this board a ton, but this year my new supermodel X largely took its place. The custom X has better on ice than supermodel but not as good as nana magic. NOTE: I gave this board an 88 degree side edge instead of the factory 89. The 88 improved carving and edgehold but yes is a bit grabby. Trade off.

4)burton fish LTD 160. I need not say much about this deck. It exists for epic pow, and a finer pow stick does not exist, IMHO. Fun slashy turns. crazy float and speed. But for mixed conditions that are what most of us ride in... I reached for the Libtech most days. In early morning fresh pow... the fish is alot of fun though.

AAA 07-07-2011 10:10 PM

I rode my 182 Coiler NSR2 alpine ride exclusively. I threw softie setups; a 160 Donek Incline and my old Burton ride, in the back of the truck as alternate rides on several occassions, but never broke them out. The board has a progressive sidecut (15-meter avg-ish), a metal (titanal) core, latest decambered tip/tail race design, and is just incredible. Wicked, wicked fast and crazy damp edgehold with perfect entry and release. I'm all about feeling speed and heavy G-forces in deep carves, and brother that board gives it. I'm not having fun until I'm sucking wind at the bottom of each run. Skidding runs doesn't do it for me. I knew it was fast (always glide by people on flats, carve past others on the hill, etc.), but I didn't realize how much so until I was at an alpine group event this season. All of the riders were on 160- or 170-ish alpine boards, and all kept commenting how they couldn't keep up with me, which I noticed as well as I'd pass them. Our skill levels were all on par with each other, but it was the board that made the difference. No plans to change up for the coming year. :thumbsup:

Ballistic 07-07-2011 10:20 PM

AAA, those coilers look nice, i did a quick google gawk. I'm not familiar with the brand but they sound good. I was looking at some PRIOR boards , reminds me of them kind of. Its especially satisfying to pass skiers on flats, is it not? ?

DrnknZag 07-08-2011 10:30 AM

1) Ride Highlife 161 - I didn't even own this board when the season started and happened to pick one up when I realized I needed something in my quiver between my NS SL and Ride Slackcountry. Once I picked this up, I pretty much rode it exclusively everywhere: pow days, big mountain, hiking, variable days, etc. It's my absolute favorite board I've ever been on, no questions asked.

2) Never Summer SL 158 - I bought this at the beginning of the season thinking it would be my do-all quiver killer. As it happens, it's too soft for my riding style and I'm honestly not a fan of the RC profile. This will probably be my early season/low coverage board from now on.

3) Ride Slackcountry 164 - Pow machine for heli/cat boarding and DEEP resort days. Had a few days on this guy this year, including an awesome cat boarding trip in eastern BC.

3) Burton Custom 158 - Shit stick, early/late season don't give a crap board. Still riding this at Crystal mid summer!

Hodgepodge 07-08-2011 11:21 AM

1) Yes Great Dudes of History 156: This does it all. I was going to pick up a banana magic, like ballistic, but i liked the Yes better because it's a little bit softer and was more playful in the park. The asymmetrical sidecut worked like a dream and the serrated edge is just as fantastic as Magnetraction. This thing slayed the pow and the park and the groomers every mountain I went to. Probably will be picking up the Great Beauties of History model for next year. Not many people ride Yes boards that I have seen. I recommend you check this one out.

2) Lib Tech Box Scratcher 151: I had a great time on this when I went over to my little home mountain in the berkshires (Catamount) ripping up the terrain park. Perfect for jibbing, big enough and stiff enough for the jumps, magne helping me on the icy landings, what more could I ask for?

linvillegorge 07-08-2011 11:41 AM

1. 158 NS Evo and I rarely even go into the park. It's just a fun stick. If it's not a deep powder day, it's getting the nod 9 times out of 10.

2. 164 Capita Charlie Slasher. Dedicated pow stick. So happy that it was such a good season that this board probably pulled the second most days despite not picking it up until late in the season.

3. 160 NS Heritage (cambered). This is the grip and rip it board. For those days that we just want to bomb the shit out of the everything, this is the stick.

4. 165 Arbor Element. Grabbed this board off of CL over the summer. Bought it with the intention of splitting it, rode it enough to realize I didn't want to go that route. It'll probably be back on CL when we get a little closer to the season.

Rufus 07-08-2011 12:51 PM

1. 157 K2 Parkstar with Cartels. I rode this by far the most.
2. 166 Burton Malolo with CO2s, great for powder days which there were plenty of last winter.
3. 159 Forum Youngblood with Cartels. This board got knocked off the top by the Parkstar but I still rode it several days.
4. 158 Burton Custom Flying V with CO2s, added this at the end of the season and plan to ride it a lot next season.

NWBoarder 07-08-2011 12:54 PM

1. 157 Signal Omni. It was such a fun board to ride. I took it everywhere. Park, trees, groomers, backcountry. It was just a solid fun board. Then it broke. So, maybe it was more like a fun board, not so solid.

2. 159W Nitro Volume. This was last seasons board. I rode it a few times after my Signal broke. It's still super fun to ride, and massively stable at any speed.

3. Some old ass Kemper board from the 90's. It's my beater board. I rode it around town when we got snow. It's good to have a board that you can ride on the concrete or grass. :)

Qball 07-08-2011 09:33 PM

Split between my 158 Never Summer SL and Smokin Superpark 156. Rode the SL mostly first half of the season until I picked up the superpark. Then I only rode the sl a couple days during the spring when it was really deep. I just love how playful the superpark is but I can still charge with it. It's also noticeably lighter than the SL

BurtonAvenger 07-08-2011 11:27 PM

I'm pretty sure I rode over 100 boards this season and rode 160 days you do the math on averages there. Will say that out of everything I've ridden the Arbor Blacklist has and is my go to board. Bindings it was a lot of riding beat to piss old K2 Formulas and now I'm on next years Rome 390 bosses but did spend some extensive time on the Technine Elements with reversed scrub hooks so the wing was on the inside.

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