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Lians60 08-23-2011 10:29 PM

Never Summer Proto 154 or 157
Hey all,

I am 175lbs 5'11 and ride on the East Coast

I cant decide which size Proto to get, i know the Proto has blunted tips which gives the sizing more of an effective edge.

So essentially the 154 rides like a 156 and the 157 rides like a 159.

I ride about 70% Freeride and 30% Park. I am looking for something to shred with but also something to kill it in the park.

Those with the Proto, is it true about the board riding like a longer board? Which size would you recommend for me?


ecks 08-24-2011 09:46 AM

I would say it about a 3cm size up on the effective edge. I measuring the 157 Proto again a 160 Heritage and it had the same exact effective edge.

I rode the 157 and I'm 6'1 and about 185 and was able to bomb it down the hill while still being nimble enough to throw around.

I would say get the 157 but if you really want to kill it in the park you may want to size down to the 154.

B.Gilly 08-24-2011 01:08 PM

Could go either way with it. Honestly would say get the board closest to what you ride now with out going over in length unless you already wanted to size down some.

Edge hold handles like a longer board i guess is the best way to put it now that everyone has a form of rocker.

For whatever it helps I am about 2" shorter then you and 10 lbs lighter and felt fine on the 157.

MeanJoe 08-24-2011 01:33 PM

I've had my Proto CT 157 for a bit over a week in my office sitting right next to my NeverSummer SL 155. As I've gazed longingly at them side-by-side and prayed for an early winter, I've noticed that not only is the Proto a couple centimeters longer (155 SL vs. 157 Proto) but the Proto appears to be very much a larger board than the 157 designation. By that I mean that the difference between the two looks to be more than the 2 centimeters that the sizing would imply. I think this may be somewhat just perception over reality because the other thing I've noticed, the 157 seems to actually in fact be a larger board (say a 160) with a few centimeters cut off of the nose/tail to make the blunt shape. I know they don't actually cut down a larger board during manufacturing but the Proto's geometry, especially the longer effective edge of a standard board of the same size, makes the board seem like larger board that has been "blunted down" to a 157 length.

I've been honestly wondering if I made the wrong decision to get a 157 instead of a 154. I'm a bit large for a smaller board but the SL 155 has held up okay at my current weight. My concern was with a softer flexing board and my current weight that a 154 might be too small. Now, considering my observations comparing the two side-by-side I'm not so sure. If those observations are somewhat correct and a 154 would in fact be more equivalent to a 156-157 with the tip/tail cut off then perhaps I would have been better off with the 154.


jdang307 08-24-2011 03:02 PM

I noticed that too! I got a 152 Evo but when I hold it, it feels much bigger. I laid it next to a 152 Flow Era (2011) and it seems like a much bigger board. I didn't lay them side by side so I'm not sure if the measurements are accurate on both, Maybe I will.

I think the blunted edges produces bigger "shoulders" so to speak, with the effective edge brought up.

Since I want to retain all mountain capabilities on the Evo I am really excited about this, we'll see when we get some damn snow

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