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snowaddict25 09-01-2011 07:30 PM

New Board for the Woman!
Watsup people hope everyone is getting excited for this coming season like me...
Here is my dilemma im shopping around for a board for my girlfriend, she loves the sport and we will be going alot this winter... She is about 5'7 140 and an athletic build. At the end of last season she was just gaining her confidence and just starting to link turns. I want to get her a softer reverse camber board that is a true twin with a centered stance to really get her going. I found a good deal on an 09/10 ride compact but its a 153, it falls in her wieght range but i wasnt sure if that might be too much board for her at this point being that she isnt really agressivly riding this point she is kind of along for the ride rather than really bossing the board around.
so i was thinking something a little shorter would be easier....
any input would be great either about size...the compact i mentioned or any other boards that seem may be a good fit...THanks everyone

Nivek 09-01-2011 08:12 PM

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It's a good board and softer so other than whipping it around it shouldn't feel like too much board.

Signal is doing a full size run of womens parks in camber and their wavelength tech as well as flat I believe. Good board, sintered base, carbon tip to tail, and under $400.

snowaddict25 09-01-2011 08:57 PM

Thanks alot ill check it out... i may just go with the compact 153 i found it real cheap. just someone i spoke to scared me sayin it may be too much board for her, no sense in gettin a board that aint right even if it is cheap, but i am glad to hear u say ... my other thought was to get me a small mens strictly jibstick nice soft and rockered and just let her use it anytime and then I get a nice strictly parkboard too haha

Justin 09-01-2011 10:02 PM

Ride Compact Snowboard - Women's 2011 | evo outlet
not sure what your budget is, last years compact in a 147.

K2 Moment Rocker Snowboard - Women's - Demo 2011 | evo outlet
they have lots of boards at evo for women. my wife is similar size to your girl just a bit lighter and around the same ability. she is on a 146 forum star for this season. you can find this board fairly cheap as well. its soft and reversed. i expect that she will out grow this board as an allmountain board by the end of the year, so don't get the star if you want an all mountain board for more than a season.

lilfoot1598 09-02-2011 08:18 PM

The Compact is a very popular board for progressing riders and it definitely won't be too much board for her. I think it's a good choice, especially if you found a good deal on it. :thumbsup:

snowaddict25 09-03-2011 05:15 PM

Hey thanks for the input...hoout the Gnu B-street series, the womans version prob. the 149 i would think and also just came across the forum sauce. i imagine thats pretty soft and a good board to learn with and enough to hit the whole mountain with once the skills and confidence has set in??

lilfoot1598 09-03-2011 05:49 PM

Love the B-street! It is a well-made board, very soft and forgiving. Love the magnetraction. However, it isn't a very damp board and is very rough in the chop. The B-Nice may be a better fit for all-mountain use. It's still soft enough for beginners, but it has C2BTX, so it's less squirrely. Also check out the Never Summer Infinity and the Pandora. The Pandora has a similar flex to the B-street, but it is a much more stable ride. The Infinity is more of an all-mountain, intermediate ride - a very nice board.

snowaddict25 09-03-2011 06:15 PM

how will the bNice be good on rails for a thinking i want to steer more into freestyle orieted with the softer flex...and how about the Forum Sauce?? will that be a litte to soft for rockin the mountain?

lilfoot1598 09-03-2011 06:30 PM

The B-nice would work on rails, but the B-street would obviously be better.

Another great board to check out is the Capita Space Metal Fantasy. A very soft board, but still a lot of fun. It would rock the rails, but can still hold up all mountain. It is also quite a bit cheaper than the Gnu boards, so she can upgrade guilt-free when she's ready.

I know very little about Forum's line-up, but the Sauce did well at Good Wood last year....It's a great price as well.

And I'll plug the Pandora again - sick, sick board. Would be great on rails, but also kills it all-mountain.

If you like Gnu, check out the Roxy Ollie Pop. Very similar to the B-street, but cheaper.

If you haven't already done so, check out the board reviews at - they are excellent and very detailed.

snowaddict25 09-04-2011 12:36 PM

thanks everyone..found a good deal on the ride compact 150 and picked that up...

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