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hurtbirdbath 02-23-2008 02:00 PM

Hello! couple questions.
So it looks like I am getting back into snowboarding. when I say back I actually had a board like 20 yrs ago:eek:(a Burton cruiser I think) that was in like the late 80's. Im 32 now and just went the other day for the firt time since then. It was awesome and I actually had no problem going right down the moutain and thankfully I only dumped hard once.

So I plan on going again and am even going to tahoe next month and have 2 questions.

Is there a noticable difference in riding a nice set up compared to what I rented the other day at the local(Wachusset) mountain? I mean is a board a board?

Also reccomend me some board, boot, binding options as I have no clue what is what. i have been trying to learn but there are just so many options. I am 32 weigh about 175 and and average height.I dont't plan on getting into tricks or anything other than the occassional jump on the way down. I basically just like to ride down smoothly and be in control. My budget is somewhere around 5 or 600 total if that's doable.


BRsnow 02-23-2008 02:06 PM

that is doable, getting proper fitting boots are the biggest thing. I would go to a good shop and get some good boots. there is a sticky at the top of this section that gives great boot buying info. As far as a board and bindings. You can buy them, as it is nice to have your own,especially if you are going to go a lot. Also there are a lot of sales now. The thing I have picked up from my friends...we are all around your age is that these guys can ride any board. They told me a board is a board. I watched one of my friends who is small and usually rides a 152, ride a 10 year old burton around 166-168 and went through trees, cliff drops, and was doing 360's off a 40 footer. They have all road for along time, but when it comes down to it a board is really just a board....If you do get your own set up..make sure the boots fit the bindings well...and also you don't need a super high end board. they make learning to ride a bit harder. Also your weight not height is the major factor in size of board. Any decent all mountain board should do...have fun...Ben

Mason 02-23-2008 02:42 PM

Netstalker 02-23-2008 07:47 PM

as a 32 yr old noobie. I found it was alot easier to learn on my own gear then it was on the rentals. The place I went had some good quality rental ( the place has nothing but burton ), but I think having my own gear made a huger difference. I am 5'10 over 200lbs, my setup is a K2 AfterBlack 157wide, Ride Beta UL Bindings and ThirtyTwo Lashers. I am happy with the setup.

hurtbirdbath 02-25-2008 12:56 AM

Thanks guys.

I have bought my set up!

for boots I bought k2 t1 boa and for bindings I got k2 cinch ctl. They are sitting in my room.

for a board I took your advice snowolf and went with the Rome Anthem 159 which I picked up for 350.

now I just have to wait for the board via ups ground...I can't freakin wait!!

sparty 02-25-2008 06:42 AM

Sounds like a great setup, especially the Anthem. Enjoy it in Tahoe. :thumbsup:

hurtbirdbath 02-25-2008 08:56 AM


Originally Posted by sparty (Post 38373)
Sounds like a great setup, especially the Anthem. Enjoy it in Tahoe. :thumbsup:

Thanks Brah!

BRsnow 02-25-2008 10:27 AM

Sounds like a great set up! Enjoy...

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