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ilikebass 11-06-2011 11:27 AM

New Stick for the Mountain
What's good!

I've been on the same board for about 4 years and I am looking for a new setup. I am an intermediate rider with a good amount of experience. I live in Michigan where the snow isn't that great, but I have a Capita Stairmaster 156 to ride out here in the park. I need a new board to bring out west every year, the Stairmaster sucks out there. I am 6'1", 180 lbs, size 11.5 boots.

I want some input on the newer technologies as in core material, bases, etc, good for the mountain, as I havent looked at boards in quite some time. What really matters? This board would be strictly for freeriding and hitting rollers and kickers on the mountain.

These are important to me:

1. It should be stable at high mountain speeds, so fairly rigid
2. Good pop!
3. It should have enough flex to still be able to jump around on it though and feel nice to land on
4. Good in powder and wide enough for my 11.5 size boots (but I duck foot a good amount to each side)
5. Be long enough for stability at speed but short enough to throw a 3 off a roller without resistance

I have a set of Burton Customs, but might consider some new bindings to keep those on the Capita.
I might go used on the board because my budget is about $300, so I really just want to get an idea of how flexy/rigid I should go for this kind of riding, length, width, binding type, etc. I'm thinking about a 159 or so? Any boards and bindings in perticular I should look for? Maybe last season's to get a good price?

Thanks for your input, looking forward to the season!!

Bayoh 11-06-2011 09:30 PM

I'm just gonna give you some boards I've been looking at for freeriding that I mentioned in another thread.

Ride - Highlife
K2 - Slayblade
Arbor - Element
Never Summer - Heritage

Just to make it clear, I have not ridden these boards so I do not know exactly how they perform. But from reading reviews sprinkled around the net I do know that others have enjoyed them and they're something to keep your eye on. Basically putting those names out there so you can somewhat jumpstart your search. Those are higher-end boards so you will have to look for last year's model(if there are even any left at this point in time) to get them under $300.

The boards I listed lean towards the stiffer side(except maybe the Element). A mid-flex all-mountain board with plenty of dampness might also suit you fine for what you want to ride. At your shoe size you may need to get the wide version of some boards... this part I suggest finding a local shop to measure up your boots to the board in person. The waist width measurement given on websites can be misleading.

I'd also personally get new bindings to match a new board, but that would put you over budget so you could always shoot for that for next year. :)

ilikebass 11-07-2011 11:13 AM

Thanks man, I'll check those out. Maybe with a new board I'll just give in and slap some new bindings on it too. Good lookin out

ilikebass 11-08-2011 05:52 PM

Anyone else?

What size would be best for my build and riding style?

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