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Cool Will LIB T.Rice be my Board ?

Hey guyz !

It’s a pain in the ass buying the first snowboard gear in a country where there’s almost no snowboard shop to test a snow boot or to flex a board.
I’ll tell you more about me at first so you can understand me better.

1.I mainly do design and graphics for a living so i can’t really ride one of those random ugly ass boards on the market.

2.I am 5’11” 145 pounds shoes size EU 42.5 - 43/ 9 - 10 US (depends on the brand) but i am quite athletic and in a good shape, not exactly skinny as f**k.Maybe a little.

3.I like riding fast and feeling stable at high speeds.I mainly ride our so called groomers, crud and pow if available.

I’m a begginer - intermediate but i push myself hard and even tho i cannot consider myself yet an aggresive rider, i try ridding more aggresive and faster everytime i find myself on snow.
I got my eyes on the lib tech T. Rice 2012 pro model.I can’t find any other board to have such an appealing overall design and to be capable of amazing things at the same time.
I want it for the hybrid camber wich i think will handle great everything i’ll try on it, for the magnetraction wich is a gift from above on the slopes i can ride in my country, and the amazing job Mike Perillo did on the top sheet.

The things i need to know are:

Should i go for the Horsepower version?
I really like more the graphics on the Pro Model,and as i stated, i need to love the graphics first. The sparkling top sheet is a bit too much for me.But if the Pro model is too heavy even with some Union Force SL, i’ll go for the HP. Poplar wood core on the pro model should be light enough, as many snowboard manufacturers state.But then it’s the base wich i heared is faster on the HP, and it also provides a “damper” feel. I read too many reviews and shit gets complicated for me right now.

Should i go for the 157? Cause i feel i want a man's board.
I think i want the 157 because i’ve been on 153 boards and felt unstable for my riding style.For mainly riding fast, jumps and almost no real park activity should i go with 157 ? I am not really into small size boards but i don’t want this 157 to be a monster. I know it’s 90 % about the weight but i’m quite tall for my weight and my riding style kinda tells me go up size not to downsize.

157 Mid wide (25.8) response for a boot size 9- 9.5 ?

How fast is the edge to edge on the 157’s 25.8 width on a goofy stance +15 - 9?
How agile will i be on this board with the proper effort ?
How fast does a mid wide turns ?Is it more about the sidecut radius ?The C2MTX technologies with rocker between the bindings and camber under the foot makes me think this board is easily to turn and less probably to catch and edge when getting dynamic and quick turning.

I want to develop a fast and agressive riding style, but i want it quite stable and proper for landings.(after i learn to jump decent)
I want it so bad, but if it doesn’t suits me,i’ll think twice. I like to think i finaly found one of the best boards for me and stop reading everyday about snowboards and just get out and shred.
Please take some time to answer everything i asked, you are my only chances to get a good deal on the 2012 boards
Thank you !

PS: Remember, i am not looking for alternatives, i am very tired of my last two weeks constantly researching.I want this board so much and i will not buy it only if the mid wide waist is a big disadvantage for my foot size.And i will only get the horsepower if it worths giving up that awsome top sheet the pro model has.
Thank you very much !

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not sure why everyone is so hung up on graphics, for one the bindings cover up 25% of it and if it turns out well the snow will cover the rest. GO HP.
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Graphics are a really bad reason to pick a board, however, I understand why graphics are a big thing for you (more than most people) and it sounds like the T-Rice could be a good fit for you anyway.

First, what other board have you ridden? I imagine that the 153 TRice will be way more stable than some crappy boards you likely learned on (rentals?).

If you donít think you are going to gain much weight, the 153 would work for you, but you could certainly go with the 157 since it doesnít sound like you are looking for a freestyle type board, but something for charging hard.

I think the waist should be fine with 9.5 boots, but I have size 12 so Iíve never been on a board that is too wide so I am probably not the best to comment on that.

As for the HP vs. the Pro. I have never been on the HP, but I canít imagine the difference is so great that a beginner/intermediate rider would notice. So if you like the look of the Pro better, and saving a few bucks is a bonus, I think the Pro will be plenty of board for you without needed the frills of the HP.
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First of all where do you ride? How big are the hills?
I cant imagine place with no local shops and icy slopes having big enough hills that would require you to ride 157. Mid wide at that. 157 t rice is actually more like 159 since it is a blunt tip and tail. And if you like the graphincs on trice pro go for that. Save the money and make sure you dont cheap out on bindings and boots. you are going to need fairly stiff bindings and boots to go with the TRICE for the board to perform the way it supposed to. And get 153cm. no need for 157. (not only is it long its also little wider than other boards). I personally think TRS is better for you (right width, right flex) if you like libtechs. You can get little longer length on TRS since it is not too stiff. Or good cambered board would be best since you want to charge/ ride aggressive (u dont see rockered boardercross board), but it sounds like you already made up your mind on T.Rice.
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i've ridden both the pro and hp. i've got about 80 days on the pro. i went with the 157 pro because to me it felt a little softer flex-wise and damper. it's also slightly heavier than the hp which i don't mind. noone can tell you if you'd prefer the 53 or 57 or the pro of hp. that's purely a feeling/style issue only you can decide. at 145 lbs you can ride the 53 easily enough but the 57 is going to be more stable obviously and more suited to the kind of riding you want to do.

the 25.8 waist on the 57 seems like a lot but with the rocker between it doesn't slow the down edge to edge quickness. i usually size down to a 9 boot. also, the added width means i don't need a powder specific board. i've ridden this in 2 feet of fresh with a centered stance and it floated fine. it's also a true twin and i do a lot of switch riding so there's another reason for me to like it.

i'm not a turny rider. i like bombing straight down and catching air so in my view this is a good board for that style.
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I think you'll be happy with any of the T.Rice options you're looking at. Like many others, i don't think you should make a choice based on graphics but with all other factors equal or similar, you gotta like the way it looks. Personally, i think the 2012 graphics are better on the HP version.

You are close enough, weight wise, to pull off either the 153 or the 157, though i'd recommend the 153 for length and because its a little narrower, if you're worried about that. Has nothing to do with manly-ness, get a board that fits.

FWIW, I'm 5'10" 175-ish with a 9.5 boot and ride (and love) the 2011 Pro 161 model. Board weight is overrated -the range between boards is minimal and i'd bet dollars to donuts you (and most of us) can only tell the difference when carrying it and not while riding.
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at 145lbs, 153 cm no doubt. The T rice 153 and 157 are blunted tips so they ride a little longer. IMHO, you will find the 157 much less maneuvarable at your weight.
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@mjd: You felt the regular version is softer and damper?
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Originally Posted by skip11 View Post
@mjd: You felt the regular version is softer and damper?
the hp uses a basalt lay-up which is definitely lighter than fiberglass and it seemed to me a bit snappier. the ptex sidewalls help with that too- depends a lot on your weight and riding style also. the pro model is a bit heavier but soaks up more chatter through crud and is more forgiving on landings which was a big factor in why i chose it.

that said, i rode the niche aether basalt version this year and was blown away how light yet damp it was. the aether is a c2/magnatraction board also. the flex difference between the pro and hp was not huge but i felt i could hold nose and tail presses easier on the pro.
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HP is damper and poppier. board of choice. it will last you a LONG time too.
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