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pdxrealtor 03-07-2012 06:02 PM

2nd Guessing- BSOD or Billy Goat
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So, I've ridden the BSOD 165 and 162. I went with the 162, but have the option to exchange it in 30 days.

I've read the reviews both here and on the good ride. Leaning towards keeping the BSOD, but I can't help but be drawn in by the easy turning of the Billy Goat.

What do you all think?

aaron520 12-23-2012 04:45 AM

DUUDE!!! I'm having the EXACT same dilemma here! I seriously hope someone weighs in on this post. And sorry, I didn't really add to anything

aaron520 12-23-2012 05:13 AM

Hahaha, I have the BG and the BSOD for hold at my local shop till tomorrow, and I'm literally staying up till 4 am in my underwear doing exhaustive research on the two boards! I have read way too many reviews for each board, yours included Snow Wolf, but not a direct comparison ANYWHERE :(

blunted_nose 12-23-2012 09:39 AM

I bough the billy. I love it. I ride it. Icy to pow, does it all.

wrathfuldeity 12-23-2012 10:20 AM

Another goat fan, imho its not an easy board to ride, in that it can quickly get away from you but its spectacular beast. Yesterday had 1 run on groomed that I was absolutely out of control but managed to stay up, however also had a bunch of runs that were some of my best of my life and also ate shit. Its a board that will make you up your skills. Yesterday, met 4 folks that had the billy or planed for their next board; one was a gal that grew up on the hill, a gnarly ass rider by any standard and loves her billy. It seems to me that the billy and bsod are two completely different boards...but I haven't researched the bsod for the past few years.

pdxrealtor 12-23-2012 02:36 PM

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Happier than a pig in shit is an understatement! :thumbsup: Im even hesitant to ride buddies new boards just because , well, one run without my goat is one run too many.

It literally made me a better rider the 1st time I rode it. From steeps to trees to groomer it just installs confidence to do the next thing with a bit more intensity.

Now, after riding both I can say it really isn't even a comparison. They're two entirely different boards. BSOD is damn near a full camber board that takes effort to maneuver around the mountain.

The BG is a c2b (is that right?) which is rocker between toes and camber under feet. It is nimble, stable, and fun to ride in any conditions. I had it up spring skiing down decent black diamond pitch, nice and wide and groomed for wide open carving and the goat kept me happy and hauling ass. I just can't say enough about the board and it's vesitility. For me anyways, it works and works well.

Arron if you're still having a problem deciding read some comparisons on camber vs. cb2 tech. Maybe that will help you?

Let us know what you decide and good luck. They're both great boards just different.

pdxrealtor 12-25-2012 10:10 AM

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Originally Posted by aaron520 (Post 556111)
Hahaha, I have the BG and the BSOD for hold at my local shop till tomorrow, and I'm literally staying up till 4 am in my underwear doing exhaustive research on the two boards! I have read way too many reviews for each board, yours included Snow Wolf, but not a direct comparison ANYWHERE :(

So what did you end up with?

PS- put some pants on!

aaron520 12-26-2012 04:03 AM

So after careful deliberation in my underpants, I decided to go with the BG and bought it :D. And Here's why, the capita is rated for an advanced rider and it takes work to get from edge to edge. Though this might not be true for advanced riders, it definitely might be true for me. I like to ride trees and turning is big there. Also the BSOD doesn't have much if any dampening which means that I'm going to feel a lot of chatter in crud, this would be an issue for me because as an high intermediate rider I feel like I would loose that sense of stability and confidence at high speeds and ultimately loose control. The BG has better dampening better turn initiation.
However, what plagued me was that if I bombed a run basically flat basing the board might get squirely due to the C2 BTX, it is also significantly heavier than the BSOD and the MTX might make the board catch. That was my dilemma. But the added weight provided more durability and the sintered base meant that I wouldn't need to wax it as often as the BSOD. The deciding factor, however, for me was what wrathfudelity said on my post "At an intermediate you will really have to up your game and riding" for the BG. I decided that I want to improve my skills with a board that can handle most mountain features. I wanted really wanted was a board that I could learn on. Some gut sensations that I couldn't explain to you also played into the decision.

Now I rode this board on Christmas Eve for only half an hour and during set up, I placed the Binding too far apart. Understandably I don't have proper grasp on how it rides yet, but here are some of the things I noticed.

1) The board didn't feel heavy when I was riding it
2) The MTX DID NOT catch, it's too mellow (this was on hard packed groom btw)
3) It is very stable and incredibly damp even at speeds
4) Holds an edge well at speed
5) This thing does NOT pop off jumps easily, we have these small-medium sized bump/ridges on my local hill and usually if you have some amount of speed, your board will fly off. Not with the BG, you really have to put in an effort to jump at those kinds of speeds or you need to go much faster.
In this aspect I think I would recommend the BSOD, a] because it has those pop rods and b] because the board is lighter and it "might" be easier to get off the ground.

If you're in the same boat as me then I would recommend the BG but if you're not, then I don't know what recommend but hope that my comment helps.

I fixed my stance and am planning to go back tomorrow to really test it out.

P.S. Sorry for the late response, I was busy with some Christmas Stuff

pdxrealtor 12-26-2012 10:29 AM

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Cool man..... Sounds like you made an educated decision.

Enjoy the Billy Goat!

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