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colortv 03-21-2008 06:47 PM

Mammoth Trip Epiphony!
SOOOOooo just got back from mammoth...and i kinda had this whole turn of style. it was the first day on the trip and we were hitting up the park and i was attempting a fat kink rail, which i ate it hard on and smacked my knee which is all inflamed lol, when i realized that i'm scared shitless of stuff like that. whenever im on my way to to a hill im flippin out but when it gets down to it and the rail/box/jump is in front of me im shaking in my boots...i need help :(
it was at this point in the trip that i started to just ride around instead of the park, i did do a couple boxes and jump runs though, i just didnt spend my entire day there. the rest of my bunch of friends are all into the whole freestyle deal and i, who up to this last week, was totally into it as well.

has any1 else had this like happen to them? by that i mean the whole realization about freestyle and freeriding. i don't know if its me being a chicken shit about the park or just finding what i really like about snowboarding...soooo twisted!

snowsam17 03-21-2008 08:54 PM

i have the same problem... rails and boxes scare me shitless mostly because i always end up imagining everything that could go wrong on them haha...
jumps scare me too but mostly because im not really used to them yet

however, i still ride a decent amount of park because i love the feeling i get when i land something i was scared shitless to try, it just feels so rewarding. i would never spend my whole day there though, because bombing runs is one of my favorite things to do

Metalhead505 03-22-2008 12:52 AM

When you go to the park you need to have good protective gear for ALL of your body, just dont think of what will go wrong because when you do you are 90% likely to fail or get hurt, just think on how it is done and what is coming up next, also tuffin up because if there was no pain to be givin then there is no reward to be haved, ask your friends for help and info on what to do if you have trouble and Get some more body gear! Just keep on going and trying and if you suck, start to hate it, or just dont think it is for you then most likely it is not, so then just start doing what you like and have fun!

Phenom 03-22-2008 12:52 AM

I'm not into the whole bombing the trail thing, so I've been spending a lot of my time in the park. Yeah, it's easy to psych yourself out either before you drop to hit a feature or while your approaching a feature. Just start as small as you can and gradually work your way up. Don't feel pressured to try something you feel very uneasy about because of your friends. Also what helps me a lot is learning to control yourself when you fall. When I slip off the heel side of the rail, I always try to use my hands to feel where the rail is on the way down. If I start a grind and I know I'm not going to ride the whole rail, I don't fight the board and try to keep it on the rail (well, I did try to fight it once, and I split my shin open on the rail). Hopefully that didn't just spook you some more, but that was only because I was getting greedy on a down/flat/down rail that I should have just hopped off when I felt iffy about the approach.

If you keep trying and trying and things just don't get better, then perhaps freestyle just isn't for you, the same way bombing blacks and riding through trees isn't for me. I feel like i'll never get comfortable straight-lining a black, so I've happy accepted my place in the park :cool:

colortv 03-22-2008 01:46 AM

yea i know that whole deal about not fighting the rail/box. my friend keeps telling me to get off when its over and to not fight it. its mostly me. idk why but i have this tendency to want to finish it no matter what even if it means eating it hard. i've bruised up my fair share of shins trying to ride it out.
well i had a good time at the top of the mountain battling the 50-60 mph winds, it was kinda scary since the path was so tiny, as well as the flaming gays up on the mountain during "elevation week", pretty much gay skiing week, i got hit on a few times, mostly by old men...*shudder*, which just made it even funnier.
jumps im just starting to master, landing on the transfer and not the knuckle or tabletop, but am still scared shitless by. even when i do land it im still really sketchy coming down those big transfers.. >.<

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