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sheepstealer 06-01-2012 03:00 PM

Ride Machete comparison?
Howdy folks...

So I've discovered the Ride Machete and want to hear what you guys have to say about it. From what I'm reading from reviews, it seems as though this deck can handle an east coast rider (and middle/high school snowboard coach) I need something that can take anything, from crusty pre-season to icy groomers to park (tables, pipe, rails) and the occasional soft (maybe powder) day.

I need something that can handle some speed as well as hold an edge. About 60% of my riding is in the park as well and I need something that can handle large booters and rails.

I've been riding a Rome Agent 157 the past two years and its time for something new. I am doing a bit of shopping around, so if you have any recommendations for me and my kind of riding, feel free to speak up. I'm 5'10", 170 pounds.

Thanks! 06-01-2012 04:17 PM

if you ride 60% park, i would opt another board. i myself picked up 2012 machete, but my riding is all trails, and main focus is speed, and learning to do jumps now after 8 years of riding.

scotty100 06-05-2012 01:28 PM

The Machete is fairly stiff and classified as mainly all mountain. If the majority of your riding is in the park you might want something a little more flexible but still with good pop that can handle speed and hold an edge. NS Evo or Proto maybe...mind you that's not to say the machete wouldn't work. Gets a good rep for everything. Depends on what you prefer flex-wise. It's definitely on the stiffer side of the scale.

jdmccright 06-06-2012 09:58 PM

I have one and its a really stiff board even at 155. Def more of an all mountain board than a park board.

Leo 06-07-2012 07:34 AM

The Ride Buck Wild sounds better suited to your needs:

Ride Buck Wild Snowboard 2012

The Machete is a stiff board regardless of what Ride rates it on the Flex meter. The Buck Wild is more playful, but the sacrifice is stability on steeper/faster terrain. It's not super unstable though so you can probably work around that.

But then again, the Agent isn't exactly a soft board either so you might transition nicely to a Machete haha. Machete is stiffer than Agent all around. Agent is a bit stiffer than the Buck Wild. Buck Wild has the most torsional give out of the three.

blackbeard 02-20-2014 10:08 PM

To reiterate what Leo said above, the Machete is pretty stiff, regardless of Ride's scale. You are probably better off with something a bit more playful.

redlude97 02-20-2014 10:22 PM

I dunno, Austin kills it in the park on a machete/GT 02-21-2014 02:06 PM

Here's a video on my 155 machete, ridden in spring conditions (light slush)
For hindsight, you can see the stiffness on this board, as I try to butter the board, 1/3 through the video.

Zolemite 02-21-2014 07:11 PM

I like my Machete and ride 75% park. That is not to say there may be better park boards out there. It'll handle as much speed as you can throw

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