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hoboken 03-27-2008 09:01 AM

k2 quality?
I'm a K2 fan. I hear some people criticizing the quality of K2 because it's made in China and it's just a ski company trying to break into the snowboard scene. I just bought a K2 Podium and although I haven't ridden it yet, I did some research and concluded that it was a solid board based on consumer reviews. Is there something wrong with K2 other than the fact that some people don't like them because they're made in China? I can't seem to find any real reasons why people think K2 should be so bad. After all they do own Ride and 5150. So what's the deal?

And has anyone ridden the Podium before? I'm interested to see what other people think...

livelyjay 03-27-2008 09:38 AM

Right now I am up in the air about which board to get: K2 Believer or Rome Agent. Right now a big determining factor is the warranty and customer support. I have emailed K2 twice in the past three weeks asking about board sizing and haven't received any replies. Rome got back to me within a few days. K2 has a 1 year warranty on their equipment while Rome offers 2 years. I read on some reviews of the Believer that people have broken the top sheet while doing rails. This could be attributed to poor quality or the rider using the wrong size board for their weight.

Rome and Ride have great customer support from what I have experienced and read. That's a huge determining factor when purchasing equipment, as is the warranty. I would buy the K2 Believer if it was just a bit cheaper than what I can get it at right now. The Rome Agent is $25 more than the Believer, which isn't much when coupled with the warranty and great customer service.

BiggerThanYours 03-27-2008 12:53 PM

ride has excellent customer service. I cracked my front toe strap ratchet, and after i called i got my new one in 3 days, and they hooked me up with stickers.

Bones 03-27-2008 01:56 PM

Ride has got great CS. I called them about an annoyance I was having with the ratchets on a pair of '06 SPI bindings and they gave me some great advice which solved the problem.

A week later a new pair of ratchets showed up in the mail anyway.

Personally, I'd rather buy from a company with okay product and great CS than from a place with great product and lousy CS. All you need is to break a BOA lace or drop a screw in the snow (fill in your own example of non-warranty/user caused problem) and your season pass is worthless until the CS comes thru. Spending a big % of your season playing email/phone tag and then waiting for a $20 part gets expensive.

Username 03-27-2008 03:07 PM

K2 boards are dope. I have some friends that ride the K2 W.W.W. and the Darkstar and they swear by them for jibbing/park riding. I know the Podium is more of an all mountain/freeride deck, so it may not stand up to heavy rail abuse, but it seems like a pretty solid board for all mountain riding and progressing in the terrain park.

b_to_the_c 03-27-2008 03:32 PM


Originally Posted by BiggerThanYours (Post 45213)
ride has excellent customer service. I cracked my front toe strap ratchet, and after i called i got my new one in 3 days, and they hooked me up with stickers.

i had the same thing happen with a ride toe strap ratchet, except i e-mailed instead. the binding was out of warranty, but they sent me the part for free anyway, and i had it within a week. ride kicks ass on CS.

i also had a really good experience with santa cruz before last season. i was looking for one of their boards all over the place, and finally emailed them and said "hey, can i just buy one from you guys?" they said no (as i expected), but put me in touch with a sales rep who gave me the contact info of every shop in colorado to whom he'd sold the deck i was looking for. called a shop in aspen and they took my billing info over the phone and shipped me the deck the next day.

b_to_the_c 03-27-2008 03:39 PM

anyway, i got off of the subject. i imagine that k2 makes a quality board, and if you like riding it, then it's all good. the problem with customer service is that it's like a car insurance company. you never know how good it is until something goes wrong.

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