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henry06x 07-26-2012 03:34 PM

Ride DH2 - Machette - Lib Tech TRS - NS proto
Currently I have a Academe propaganda 156 (ride mostly) and Ride Kink 155 that are fun at the smaller places around me when I spend most my time in the park.
I take a trip to Colorado and Vermont once a year where I do less playing around. When I ride Colorado I ride with my uncles (who ski) and do a lot stepper and faster runs, and deffinetly some powder.

So I'm lookin for a bit stiffer bigger more do it all deck to take with me in these trips. Something that will handle speed better, Something that can handle some powder better, but something I can still play around on a little bit.

So far I'm leaning towards the DH2 since ride is my favorite brand but I never stop hearing the positive comments about never summer and lib tech (and i like the fact they are both made in the USA). I've also been very interested in trying the CRC profile for awhile.

I'm a little heavier 5'11" 120 with 10.5 boot and was thinking around a 158 size wise.

Edit: also I can find the Machette and DH2 last year model on sale rather easily witch helps.

RedRomo 07-26-2012 04:59 PM

I have a DH2 and use it all over the mountain. I'm fairly new to the sport still (4th year) so I'm still figuring out exactly what I enjoy doing best. I hit the smaller jumps, park, powder and enjoy buttering around too. I have a Lib-tech Skate Banana, Gnu Altered Genetics, K2 parkstar, Atomic Hatchet and 2 Liquid boards. So far, the DH is my favorite! It's a 156 wide. I'm 5'8" 180lbs. It's has just the right amount of flex for me for butters and park, but is super stable bombing down the mountain and jumps. My Skate Banana felt "squirelly" off jumps (same with my Gnu). My hatchet is my second choice. Mostly for jumping though as it seems much stiffer than my DH.

...but again, I'm new and don't have a ton of knowledge. This is just my experience with a variety of boards.

henry06x 07-30-2012 05:51 PM

Thanks for the input.
Any others?

henry06x 08-05-2012 01:09 AM

4 good solid boards and cant get an opinion on the best all mountain ride?

LTshredTN 08-06-2012 07:51 PM


Originally Posted by henry06x (Post 512699)
4 good solid boards and cant get an opinion on the best all mountain ride?

Machete or NS proto................

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