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CAPRider 07-27-2012 11:06 AM

Never Summer or Lib?
Question for everyone here...

Purchasing a new board this winter, looking at either a Never Summer or a Lib. ride in the Midwest, try to take at least 1 trip out west each year. Been riding for about 17 years. Looking for an all mountain board, not really a park rider anymore, however I have a capita ultrafear should the urge arise. I still like to hit an occasional natural feature(whatever that means in the Midwest). Basically Im a bomber who still likes to have a little fun all over the mountain. Boards I was looking at are the Lib TRice Pro(think a 157 is big enough for me? I know it comes in a 161.5, but I almost never get a chance to ride pow), Attack Banana(159 or 161?) never summer SL(158 or 161?)
or Legacy(159 or 161?)

I'm 6'1", 190 lbs and wear an 11.5 boot. Also, I'm looking at all 2013 models.

killclimbz 07-27-2012 12:08 PM

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The SL is a fairly solid Freeride deck with a bit of Freestyle Flair. The Legacy is just the wide version of the SL. You might look at a Heritage for something that is a little more Freeride Oriented.

I haven't ridden the T Rice or the Attack Banana. Though previous Banana models I've ridden are not what I would consider much of a Freeride deck. I thought those things were going to fold in half. The T Rice should be a solid choice, but again, I haven't ridden it either...

Massimo 07-27-2012 12:47 PM

Good post!!!

CAPRider 07-27-2012 02:14 PM

Thanks for the info kill. I will definitely look into the Heritage as well.

As for the Attack Banana, from what I understand, it's more of an "all mountain" board, stiffer than the skate bananas, better at charging and staying stable at speed, is that right? Not necessarily for the park? Of course that's why I'm on here, trying to find anyone with some experience with these boards.

areveruz 07-27-2012 03:48 PM

Having been on most of the 2012 NS model's, I have high expectations for this years as well. I agree with kill that the Heritage is probably more of what you're looking for.

The T Rice eats up the powder and it flies. It's definitely a quality board and I have nothing against it.. but I'm biased toward NS boards. I'd steer clear of the banana and go with either the Heritage or T Rice

Nolefan2011 07-27-2012 05:48 PM

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The Attack Banana is a fairly stiff board. I rode both the SL and Attack Banana, but seperated by a year. But from what I can remember, the Attach Banana was slightly more stiff than the SL. Falling somewhere between an SL and Heritage.

Attack Banana and T Rice are true twins. Heritage and SL are directional twins. For midwest riding, I personally feel both the Rice and Heritage are overkill. One trip west a year isn't worth it IMO, because the SL and Attack Banana offer more play for messing around on natural features and the jump line. And if you are like me, that damn Ultra Fear is washy on anything over 15 feet.

I'd personally narrow it to the Attack Banana and the SL, and then, depending on whether you want to ride a lot of switch, or if you are directional, make your choice based on that. Both are good choices.

CAPRider 07-28-2012 02:14 AM

That's great info nolefan. I do ride some switch actually, so this helps alot. Now I'm starting to think the 159 attack banana may be the way to go. I would say it's probably 20/80 in terms of switch/reg, but it's nice to have the true twin.

And yes, the ultrafear will be my straight park board from here on out(I'm more into rails anyway). Definitely not for bombing. I also have a 4 year old Gnu Riders Choice(yep, the cassette tape stick), but I thought it seemed a little "planky" for me. Too slow edge to edge, although I think it may have been a bit too big.

All Awesome info guys, keep the responses coming. Just as an FYI, Im pretty sure I will have a chance to demo before I buy, so I'm still gonna pick whT feels right for me, but input is always good.

killclimbz 07-28-2012 09:20 AM

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Sounds like if you are looking at a NS, the Proto or Cobra (I believe it's true twin, but I could be wrong) are more in line for what you want. I believe there are some pretty in depth threads reviewing both in the equipment review section.

Nolefan2011 07-28-2012 02:00 PM

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I was actually going to post the same thing (minus the NS Cobra - not even a directional twin). Proto could be a good fit. However, if you already have an ultrafear, in the midwest, that thing can play around the mountain pretty well, so might as well jump up to the SL or Attack Banana for upgraded stability.

Have you considered the Banana Magic? Pricey, but a sick board. I'm getting one this year. Will share feedback.

CAPRider 07-30-2012 03:33 PM

Hadn't really considered the banana magic, but I will look into it. Not too worried about price, just want to make sure I get what I'm looking for, ya know? I'd rather spend extra loot now and be happy with the purchase than being unhappy and buying another board.(although you really can never have too many, right?)

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