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someguy2717 09-12-2012 06:09 PM

Salomon XLT
Hi all

Does anyone have any thoughts about or experience with this board? I'm looking at the Salomon XLT with Salomon Caliber bindings and Malamute boots (or maybe the F4.0). This is the setup that Salomon seem to recommend and I also like the idea of a one-stop shop.

I had a Salomon LOFT from the 2008-2009 range for years which I got really attached to but alas the edge and flex past the points of no return. It was fast, light, versatile, solid, had a great base, had flex between the feet but longitudinal stiffness, great edge hold and I know it's not a powder board but I found it pretty good really as long as I put the weight on the back foot.

To be honest I would just go and buy a new one but they don't make it anymore. I read with interest The Good Ride's review of the Salomon XLT and noted the fact they said it was a lot like the LOFT:

Salomon XLT Snowboard Review

This sounds good to me. I've done some digging on the internet but don't find as much information about this board as I would have hoped. I did like what these guys had to say too:

A Week at Whistler: Gear Highlights
Buy Snowboards Salomon Snowboards XLT Snowboard 2012

About me: I mainly carve, use the edges of the board and I like wide slopes and big turns, speed in good conditions, some freeriding, I go off the sides and play in the powder when I can. I don't do any tricks or jumps or go near the park or pipe and generally like to keep the board on the ground :) I'm a pretty solid rider I guess; probably intermediate-advanced depending on how you look at it seeing as I don't do any fancy stuff or freestyle.

Some more background: right now I have a Burton Vapor with Prophecy bindings from last season which I got at a very good price. I know it's a good board and highly rated but I just don't love it like I thought I would. It is great when conditions are good but just falls to pieces in my view in choppy or hard conditions and/or later in the day when the skiers have churned up the pistes. I tried a Custom and it was fine but a bit dull and a Custom X but that thing was like a tank. I'm also a bit tired of Burton who are just shoved in your face everywhere in Switzerland and I also don't like the channel system - for some reason I find this really fiddly to adjust as opposed to the common four-screw system. I definitely need new boots anyway so I thought all in all, why not look for something else.

Thanks for any input!

someguy2717 09-20-2012 07:38 AM

I would love to hear comments on the Man's Board too... see that mentioned positively a lot. Could also be an option. Perhaps the 4.0 over the Malamute boots for that.

someguy2717 10-02-2012 03:18 PM

I haven't managed to find out anything more substantial about the XLT. A few short clips on YouTube talking about the new tech but nothing to really go on. It occurs to me after talking to a few people that the XLT might be that little bit too narrow for US 11 boots (feet size UK 10). Maybe could offset that with the lower profile 4.0 boots and my angled stance. It's 3mm narrower than my old LOFT, go figure. Maybe thinking too hard about this though, heh. I guess I could wait for the test days coming up. Another factor is that I'm 11kg lighter than last season now at 81kg (and I'm just about 180cm tall). Man's Board continues to be recommended. It's mostly camber anyway and still solid and hard charging and the 162 sounds like it would work. Perhaps the Burner too but seems to be just an out-and-out straight-liner. At this stage it's going to be one of these three boards though - Burton is out for me (sorry Burton fans). I will do some more digging, maybe call Salomon and see what they have to say. Seems hard to find a dealer in Switzerland that has a good Salomon range. To be honest if they still made the LOFT I would just buy another one. I loved the stiffness and stability at speed but it had that little bit of flex between the feet feeling that made it special everywhere else.

someguy2717 10-07-2012 09:48 AM

Well I got the F4.0 boots anyway. They are wonderful, very cool and snug. I found a dealer that can get me a test on the XLT and Burner next month. Can't find a 2012 Man's Board so that's probably out (2013 design - not carrying that around). So, we shall see.

Erunestian 06-02-2013 09:33 AM


Hope you're still around. I'm in a very similar situation to yours. I own a Salomon L.O.F.T. and was thinking of buying the Burner. It seems to me from what I read that the Burner is even more responsive compared to the XLT. However, I'm curious what your opinion is and which one you ended up getting.


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