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Drez 09-13-2012 07:04 AM

Advice in replacing my board
Hey Guys

I think I'm overdue to replace my board and I'm trying to avoid what may be a history of opportunistic purchases and make a good decision here. My old set up was a Option Supercap 163 w/ k2 V7s and Burton Moto boots. I think I'm going to keep the boots as they were stiffer than my Silence Cruisers before that and I was happy enough with them. I think I overdid the "I need a long board" mentality last time and will tone it down to 160ish this time.

My style of riding is typically to ignore the park and bomb down the faster runs at the brink of what I can handle. I'll hit the odd jump if the opportunity arises but that's about it.

My thoughts (and correct me if they are wrong) were to replace this board with something lighter and stiffer based on that.

In characteristic fashion for myself I jumped the gun on what struck me as a good deal and I have an incoming Palmer Honeycomb 3 160 with Flow C-FR bindings but I might grab something else to compare with and make sure I made a good choice as I have a habit and keeping my boards for a while.

I'm somewhere between 5 11" and 6 0" and weight is 180lbs. Sz11 feet. I've been riding for close to 15 years but I don't bank that many runs a year.

Can you guys help? The Elan Vertigo is another that struck me as a possibility and there is one for sale locally at a good price or am I off base?

wrathfuldeity 09-13-2012 10:30 AM

Having had several made in canada Options and continue to keep a couple...because they are great at what they do, they had excellent materials, great design and practically bombproof. Anyway I love my options for their firmness, stability and pop...btw have really small feet so I like the narrowness of the women boards (trinity=vinson and the kendra starr). And my ideal resort board would be the starr 155 or trinity with just a tad more radius cut with magnetraction and its traditional camber...much like an old gnu b pro without the banana...for a hot rod, quick, tight snappy, nimble ride,...btw also rode a gnu b-nice (abit too soft) with mag no of my all time favorites til the tail snapped.

jm something
ks mirror 157
trinity 158...still ride for blasting inbounds
starr 155...still ride for groomer days
northshore pintail 162...keeping for a possible diy splitty

Anyway old Options are relatively stiffer than most boards today...idk and have never rode a never summer but imagine they are made as well with good material as the ol options. So anyway I'd suggest either a hybrid design...(but probably won't have the snap/pop and highspeed solid carving as your cambered option) something in the never summer line up or the lib/gnu like a t rice or lando.

Drez 09-14-2012 06:08 AM

Thanks wrath, I think its a shame what happened to Option moving production out of BC and falling into obscurity.

Given I've already purchased the Palmer Honeycomb 3 perhaps I can narrow my questioning down a little.

A) Was my thought that stiffer and lighter is what I want correct given my size, experience and how I plan to ride?

B) Does the Palmer fit the bill for me was that already a mistake of sorts

C) Given that I already bought one board, if I buy another I'm probably going to compare them and so I'm probably not buying #2 new from the shop so my selection is reduced. Two local offerings that are good deals and I think fit my need are the Elan Vertigo and the Never Summer Legacy (06 I think so profile is a little more freeride focused than the new one). Are these good choices? Is the mid wide on the NS overkill given I'm on the threshold with Sz11 boots?

Thanks and sorry for the barrage of Q's

wrathfuldeity 09-14-2012 11:58 AM

Idk, iirc there were some issues with the palmer honeycone going dead pretty quickly (lost pop/camber). Years ago looked at an elan and it was a very stiff fr but again idk about that model ur looking at. And idk for the never summer. Burton Avenger (BA) is the man about boards.

Mpjames 09 12-22-2012 04:09 PM

I've owned a Honeycomb for over 9 years with zero complaints. The performance and quality have held up great and my riding style is similar to yours. I'm also a heavy rider, 6'2" 240lbs. I hope your Palmer stokes you like it did mine. Good luck.

Drez 12-31-2012 06:24 AM

Thanks for the encouragement.

I ended up getting a New Arbor Coda 159 Rocker as well as the Palmer. So far I've only ridden the Arbor with good results this year in the pre season but snows starting to pile up and Im hoping to get a good comparison day in this week if Im lucky. Ill have to report back.

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