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ralch 10-08-2012 08:40 AM

Skunk Ape looks for board and boots
Hello, guys

I am obsessed from snowboarding since the last winter. I am beginner with around 30 riding days riding. I managed to do some freeride days around the forest and I am more about addicted.

I bought some second equipment to see if I fall in love and now I am considering to buy something that will fit my skills and give me possibility to develop new one.

Present Equipment

I have second hand 170cm Option Supercharger board.
Awful second hand ride bindings with broken straps.
I rent a boots. (I had K2 T1, but they are more than stiff for me and I sold them).

Where I want to go further?

I am looking for snowboard that will give me the confidence to develop new skills: switch riding, confidence at high speed and carving, freeride and definetly I want to start doing some ground tricks like ollies, 180s and some day probably butters and small jumps. I defiantly love freeriding, but what about parks? Probably, it is too early to try that.


I am body measurement. I am 6' 5" (195cm) and 240lbs (107kg). So I need wide board. I am a bit confused about that. After reading a lot of posts and articles I am getting more and more confused what I should get.

I have looked for the following boards:

- Lib Tech Skunk Ape
- GNU Riders' Choice (I can get it at very good price)
- Never Summer Legacy/Heritage X
- K2 Turbo Dream

What is the perfect size for me? I suppose that 165/166cm is the best, isn't it?. The current board is so difficult to carve and bend. It's very long for me.


Boots are totally unclear for me. I think to buy something around 5/6 flex. Is it soft for me? I loves the BOA Lancing system, because it make me easy and fast setup the boots.

I have seen the 32 Binary Boots, which are BOA and 5 flex. Do you have any other options and recommendations?

ralch 10-08-2012 08:59 AM

Thanks for the fast reply. I forgot to mention that my foot size is 14 US. So I have to stick with wide board.

ralch 10-08-2012 09:29 AM


Originally Posted by Snowolf (Post 524277)
SKunk Ape would be an awesome deck for you.....:thumbsup:

What do you think about GNU Riders Choice Wide 166cm BTX (2010) considering me? I saw your feedback regarding it here. Almost they have the same features. I am concerning the price I can took off -10% less than the skunk ape price.

cav0011 10-08-2012 10:20 AM

I rode the 166 btx for a bit (i am smaller then you) the model i had had blunted ends and was a tad bit too big for me. If i was larger it might have been perfect though. I chose it over the skunk ape because it was cheaper and "seemed" like it had a better base, although with how lib names their bases who knows. I think the skunk ape has an extruded base though and riders choice has a sintered. I could be mistaken.

ralch 10-15-2012 01:57 AM

Guys, do you think that 26.8 waist will fit 14US (12UK) size boots?

Skunk Apes' dimensions are:

Tail and Nose: 30.7cm
Waist: 26.8cm

TLN 10-15-2012 04:07 AM

Im pretty much as big as you are and if you're not going to hit the park, i recommend to get something stiffer then Skunk ape.
I got a NS Legacy-R for 4 years and now i switched for Donek.
I realized that custom-made boards are not that pricey, and the fact that you can get exactly what you want makes it way better.
For my US13 and 21 -3 stance i find NS legacy hard to carve low. I got a toe drag, once i set angles like 36 18 i feel that board is flexy and i cannot carve it well.

And now, you gotta find hot you're gonna ride: freeride or park.
On my Legacy i was able (keep in mind 230lbs and 195cm) to do 360(really bad, but anyways) some simple tricks on rails like 50-50 180 out and ride freeride for sure.

Now i've ordered custon board which will be stiffer, longer and wider.

If you go for a freeride board you will be limited in
You can do it, but it'd be waaay harder.

On a park board you will be limited in:
-high speed

i say you'll be limited, but you can try anyway.

If you go freeride i see no reason to get a smaller board, grab the longest stick. I know the freeride in KAzachstan and in US differs alot, but with your weight you better get a float, cause get stuck in powder really sucks.

ralch 10-15-2012 04:43 AM

I am riding at Bulgaria mainly at ski slopes and in the forest on fresh powder. Presently, my board (first board) is second hand 170cm option supercharger (unknown Canadian brand). I feel it very stiff and quite difficult to do intensive and fast turns with it. I am looking for multipurpose board that I can do freeride and some further tricks like butters, ollies, tamedog, 180s (360s probably).

That's why I am looking for something shorter 165cm.

I can get off -20% from lib-tech and gnu. I'm trying do get something descent on descent price, because I have to spent also for new bindings and boots.

TLN 10-15-2012 05:07 AM

well, i'd go for 162 and call it 100% freestyle board for me.
For forest and 1-2 meters of powder my NS was fine. but sometimes i want it to be longer =)

I think fast turns require some skills, may be later you'll realize, that on a softer board it's impossible to do intensive and faster turns with 240lbs on it.

If you're looking for something smaller i'd got for Heritage. But libtech with 25% off looks sweet.

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