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GlobalWarming 10-11-2012 06:06 PM

Looking for suggestions on a mainly park/all mtn freestyle short board.
Hi guys, newbie here...

Im looking for a board to mainly do park and some freestyle on the green+blue trails (like buttering and finding small bumps to jump off of), I dont go on blacks/diamonds......a park board that would hold up even if i go faster on the blue trail would be good.

My riding ratio would maybe be about 60% park + 40% mountain...
sometimes just do laps on the longer lifts where theres some trail then enters the park and some more trail before getting to bottom of lift again...

I think I might be between beginner and intermediate in general snowboarding......I can link turns, so-so at riding fakie so want to improve on that...

But I am pretty beginner at the park...only 50-50 and maybe get a little air on some rollers...

Im very light about 127 lbs

So what im looking for is a True Twin kinda short board thats more park orientated so I can learn how to do some basic boardslides, learn how to ride fakie better, hopefully some presses, and small jumps.

I really hope to learn how to get some presses done and have fun doin some buttering on the greens so I would prefer a more noodleish board...maybe a 2 or 3 out of 10 flex scale.

I also wanted to buy a board goin on the upper limit of weight range so sorta downsizing a bit, since im newbie and want to learn how to boardslide and ride fakie better first......and im also weak due to health reasons so i couldn't ride for a couple seasons...

so I was thinking something like 144-145cm board.

So i know with my weight my options to find a short board are kind of limited......and the best match I have found currently is the

Rome Artifact Rocker 144cm...

I like the rocker-flat-rocker profile so its easier to boardslide and
also good for presses and buttering......what other profiles would be good for my needs?

Is this board light also? (doesn't weigh a lot)

I know some people say it doesnt matter and i'm not sure if it matters, but I would also prefer a lighter board so it's easier to carry, less weight on the foot on the lift cuz i'm weak, and easier to spin in tricks(?)

Since im still new to the park and learning I prefer not to blow 500 on a board and break it or end up not fitting my Im okay with using 2012 model board which are on sale...

I also checked out the skate banana 145cm but its all sold out and some people said it wont be too good for a lot of park and the uniform rocker profile would be hard to learn boardslides on...

Sorry for the long post guys......if theres more info needed to pin down a specific board good for my needs I will try to provide...

This might be selfish after wasting your time reading =( but I hope I can get some suggestions I can look into before tonight midnight PST because theres a sale for the Artifact Rocker and I might just buy it......sorry about that, I only decided very recently I want to snowboard again, and I saw the sale and instantly registered to this forum but it took a day or two for my account to get activated so I can post.

Nivek 10-11-2012 06:41 PM

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That's too small in the Artifact. Even for a jib board.

Get something Flat or camber and you'll develop proper skills better. Learning to press and butter for the first time on rocker tends to get people doin lean presses. Which means when you get better you'll have a damn hard time getting comfortable locking onto rails in 5-0's and nose presses.

Nitro Swindle 148, Signal Park Flat 150, Ride Kink 147, Rome Artifact camber 147, Bataleon Disaster 148, Salomon Salomonder 148, or a Capita Stairmaster 148.

If you have to have rocker just bump up to something a little more mid range with rocker. Arbor Westmark 150, Salomon Drift Rocker 152, Echelon Rounds 152, Flow Verve 152, Capita Ultrafear 151, or an Endeavor Colour 152.

GlobalWarming 10-11-2012 07:40 PM

Hi, thanks for the suggestions...

is it really too small? Should i not go too small for a park board?

I am only ~127 lbs and ~5'6-5'7

Are the weight ranges from the manufacturer not always the best
depending on different factors?

Since I am not that tall, I thought I would go on the upper bound with the weight range
(like getting a board thats for max weight 130 lbs or 125 lbs)

on a board so my stance width would match can I have room to make the stance width wider or narrower when I need to change it...

Would 150cm+ might be too long for a park orientated board? I will do some small jumps but not any big ones for sure...I have an old directional all mountain board which is like 151 and I even thought that was too long for me in all mountain/freeride...

I was thinking the Artifact Rocker wouldn't be that bad since it is not all rocker but only 1/2 rocker and flat between the bindings...

would getting a partial rocker like the Artifact Rocker be bad for learning press and butter? And I am kinda newbie, what does 5-0's mean?

I read the sticky thread on the board profiles but I still dont really get what each type is good for (camber,rocker, camber-rocker mix etc.)

EDIT: Would a shorter board not be good for learning riding fakie and doing boardslide at first?

EDIT2: If camber is better maybe i should try Rome Artifact camber 144 or 147.......A question i have though is....if rocker is bad to learn proper techniques, which means its bad for beginners, is it also bad for intermediate and experts? Then it would just be bad overall?

Nivek 10-11-2012 08:21 PM

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If you've already go your fundamentals then rocker is just easier. But being easier in the learning phase means learning back technique. It doesn't hinder pressing, just the learning of pressing.

Having less board underneath you will basically mean less board to slide across the metal. Less stable. And you will overflex a 144 meaning no stability or lock in a press.

I haven't looked at a board weight range for eons. I've ridden almost everything I recommended you so I just know how they ride. And knowing how they ride those are the sizes for you weight you should be looking at.

GlobalWarming 10-11-2012 09:01 PM

oh i see.....that makes would be harder to balance on the box/rail if the board is shorter...

on your list of suggestions the Ride Kink is the same profile as the Artifact Rocker....a Rocker-Flat-Rocker and you suggested a 147 for that....

If I get the Artifact Rocker....would the 147 be fine?

I have never done a press on a box before......but if I try to learn how
to do it correctly, even if i choose a Rocker-Flat-Rocker board, can it still turn out really bad?

Is the basic concept of pressing is to flex the leg muscles more instead of just using the body and leaning?

EDIT: will the stance width still be okay if i get 147 since im not tall?

Nivek 10-11-2012 09:32 PM

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Its the same general rocker profile, except where the rocker starts. It starts just outside the inserts on the Rome, and the Ride it starts just like an inch behind the contact pts. The Kink is effectively a zero camber board.


Originally Posted by GlobalWarming (Post 525706)
Is the basic concept of pressing is to flex the leg muscles more instead of just using the body and leaning?

EDIT: will the stance width still be okay if i get 147 since im not tall?

Yeah that's the basic idea for pressing. Its a press, not a lean.

And you'll be fine for stance width. I think the reference is proably like 21in. meaning you'll be able to get it to 18. You're not that short. I'm 5'8. Peter line is like 5'4. Mikey Leblanc, who rides kinks often, is like 5'6. Actually its probably easier to count the number or pros over 5'10 than below. Most are shorter.

GlobalWarming 10-11-2012 10:19 PM


I just weighted myself on a digital scale and im actually 122 lbs o.O
Im a twig...I think also its because I've been jogging

Probably going to do some weight training to add some muscle mass...

Do you think the Artifact Rocker will do a little better in powder compared to the Kink?

I think I might be getting the Artifact Rocker 147

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