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CovetFile 10-28-2012 07:41 AM

First Time Poster-trying not to start a riot...
First time poster, just stumbled upon this forum a couple of days ago and have found that most of you guys seem to be very least to my unexperienced eye:D. is my problem. I have been riding since 1997, I am 31 going on 32 and don't have the energy nor the talent to play around in the park. So I am an "all mountain" rider that really just rides with his skier wife and skier in-laws, all of whom are great at skiing. I would say that I am an intermediate rider that stays on groomed blues/blacks-having to hit the moguls more than he would like but handles his own. When feeling saucy, hits up the backcountry and has a great time.

I primarily ride in Snowmass-in laws have a place there. Used to ride Vail, loved the back bowls and spent most of my time in Blue Sky and back bowls.

My setup is a 1999 155 Santa Cruz, the same year I bought some Burton Custom Boots and last year had to replace my burton bindings (broke on the mountain).

My plan this year is to get a great setup-money not being an option as I plan on riding quite a bit and using whatever I buy for the next 5 seasons or so...hey, my last setup lasted 13 years so that is pretty conservative.

I am 5'11" and a healthy 210, should be 190 and plan on being around 195 when I head up to Colorado in December.

Board- 2013 Lib Tech TRS Stealth 159 or 2013 NS Heritage 158

Bindings- 2013 Flow NX2-AT or 2013 GNU Mutant...purchased Cartels last year

Boots- 2012 Vans Aura fit me really well, picked up a pair yesterday for $199.99

Any and all advice is appreciated...I will sit back and listen. Thanks in advance!

aiidoneus 10-28-2012 08:41 AM

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I have never had the chance to ride any Lib Tech boards or gnu bindings so I can't say anything there. The Heritage is a solid board, and giving you are going to be doing mostly carving around with skiers, it is a great board for that. It's also great in the back country.

I haven't tried the new flow design, and I used to be a huge flow fan. But lately, I just don't like the feel of their bindings compared to the more traditional style. They seem to be stiff in areas that should flex, and soft in areas that shouldn't. I also always had trouble with the forward lean adjustment. It is a a little screw, that slowly tightens the cable. In bumpy terrain, I find myself having to re-adjust several times a day because it loosens. This happened to me even on the more expensive nxt-atse model.

Anyway, have fun riding with a bunch of gapers all day.

snowklinger 10-28-2012 09:08 AM

1. Can't go wrong with the Heritage, get it you'll be stoked. The kind of riding you do, the infamous NS bombproofness will last you the rest of your life.

2. If its between Flow and GNU for bindings, Flow hands down. The GNU and K2 rear entry bindings are behind Flow big time in the game, while Flow holds its own with traditional bindings. I've tried all the gimmicks the last few years and I find that I am back to preferring traditional laces on my boots and traditional 2 strap bindings. I would prefer the Cartels you mentioned myself.

3. Vans don't get alot of love as a boot but I have always loved them as a company and shoe. They fit good? :thumbsup:

david_z 10-28-2012 09:24 AM

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For the type of riding you do the Heritage would probably be the better board or even the SL. I was not very stoked on the TRS when I rode it last winter; felt like you couldn't really push it too hard and although that compromises with it being versatile enough to ride in the park, if you're not riding ever in the park, then you probably want something a little burlier than that. If you like the Lib boards maybe consider the Gnu Riders Choice; it's a solid & stable all-mountain board.

I don't know anything about the Gnu bindings. Wasn't thrilled with the NX2s either but they were pre-production and Flow was still working out some kinks I guess so they may have improved since then. If there's nothing wrong with those Cartels you got last year, I'd say just keep those they're a fine binding for what you're doing.

Justin 10-28-2012 09:52 AM

my guess is that he wants rear entry cause he rides with skiers? Probably wants fast in and out.

Wiredsport 10-28-2012 10:20 AM

Stoked to hear that you are loving riding.


you guys seem to be very least to my unexperienced eye
The more experienced you get, the less knowledgable we will seem, guaranteed. :)

Please post up your foot size as well.

CovetFile 10-28-2012 10:21 AM

Justin, you are right. Being with skiers I want to get in and out fast and I am pretty sure that I am not technical enough to notice the difference between the stiffness/performance of the binding, then again maybe I will notice it and can always just strap on the cartels if needed.

Wired, foot size is 10.5.

With the board, for some reason I feel like the lib tech is the way to go-maybe the sales guy did a good job on me...but it seems like a board that suits me more. Part of the reason I don't go in the park is because I am not that confident on jumps and whatnot, but maybe with the new board I can get better. It would be nice to have the option-which is why I have been leaning towards the TRS. The other reason is I was reading "snowolf's" review of the Heritage and he mentioned that with the Heritage you always need to be on, which isn't my nature. Sometimes I like to just cruise and not think, but as you can probably tell I tend to over think a lot of things.

Thanks for the reply's and if anyone else has any advice please feel free to chime in.

sxdaca 10-28-2012 10:34 AM

The nx2 at are great binders and there is nothing to worry about them, if you are looking for this year model get the flow over the gnu. The flow would be fully upgraded and would be really good for the kind of riding you are doing

BigmountainVMD 10-28-2012 10:42 AM

I would say Lib TRS with Flows.
Gnu bindings have not had the best reviews and the NS Heritage, while a great board, may be a little too stiff/freeride focused for you. The LibTech magnatraction has the best grip on ice IMO, better than NS especially once the edges lose their new sharpness. The TRS is a bit more flexible but still damp and more forgiving, which will make weaving in and out of moguls/trees a bit easier than the NS Heritage. NS boards are certainly more durable, but if you aren't getting crazy in the park/trees, this shouldn't be an issue. Just remember to tell those damn skiers to keep their skis/poles off your board. I think every ding in my Lib board's topsheet is caused by a skier slamming their edge on top of my board on the lift!

Wiredsport 10-28-2012 10:49 AM

The TRS 162 will be awesome for you. There is a break in stiffness between the 159 and the 162 and you will do better on the stiffer of the two. This Lib has less effective edge and contact length than the same size in the NS, so do not let the tip to tip length fool you.

Both of the decks you are looking at are terrific and you will not be making a mistake with either board. Both will be very good performers with the AT's.

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